Tiscali/Talk Talk Broadband Speed & Connection

  Baked Paddy 09:02 22 Jan 2010

Really hoping that someone may be able to help me out with a problem I currently have with my Tiscali internet.
Probably since the start of the month my broadband speed has dropped from around 4mbps to spending most of the time at 0.25! Im using a Speed Touch 330 modem direct to my PC in the office and a Thompson Speed Stream direct via my Xbox. Both of which have suddenly started having problems with internet speeds this month, with slow connection and at times I'm just totally unable to connect with either.
I have received a couple of call backs from their technical support who have tried to sort the problem but either failed or managed to make it worse! Was told my exchange would be "upgraded" at the start of this month as part of the Talk Talk take over and wondering if this has anything to do with it?
Would really appreciate it if anyone might have any help/suggestions/similar problems?
Many thanks

  howard64 09:14 22 Jan 2010

I am with tt and when they updated my local exchange it took a few days for the speed to establish and set up. Keep at them and make sure you get past the initial help people as they are just reporters of your problem and can do nothing. The other thing to try is to change your micro filter just in case one is not working properly. If possible you should connect to the master socket rather than through various extensions. I went to one house with a similar problem and found they were connecting through 3 telephone extension cables. Once connected to the master their speed quadrupled.

  Graham. 10:11 22 Jan 2010

You may get a better response on their forum click here

  Poitier 14:26 22 Jan 2010

I agree with Graham but the page will be different if you signed up with Tiscali.If you display Tiscali(TT) home page ,click members/support forums, BB service Support is the one you need.

  jack 14:49 22 Jan 2010

The answers are the same.
State of cabling underground and distance from exchange.
State of internal household wiring.
But more importantly a factor called 'Contention Ratio'
Each ISP[or in TT's case group of ISPs] has in each exchange a piece of equipment call LLU[Local Loop Unbundling]this allows subscribers to be switched rapidly one to the other as their data is passed to the server in 'packets'
The bigger the provider the more subscribers will be crammed into the unit- the more switching is done - the slower the connection.
Pick a less popular ISP and the speed will in all probability be pretty well maintained
such as my one -
No I am not going to tell which one
Except to say the I pay for 8 and it seldom falls below 5.5

see also
click here

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