Tiscali V.10 Dial Up - Difficulties Uninstalling

  deannatrois 03:40 18 Jul 2003

I put Tiscali V.10 on a PC (W98, PIII 500Mhz) to use it as an emergency dial up ISP. I have done this before and never had problems uninstalling it but this time I have found it impossible.

It comes with some ad pop up software too that will uninstall eventually.., after u have read a weep notice telling u that u are depriving them of income!

However, the Tiscali software just won't uninstall. Using W98 remove programme doesn't uninstall it properly (no surprise there) and when I searched for the tiscali files manually and tried to drag them to the recycle bin, it refused to go in and when I returned it to the search window, it had replicated - I had two of the darned things lol!

I did finally manage to delete the files I found but obviously left a file or so behind cause its now reappeared.

Has anyone else managed to defeat this little beastie that refuses to be exterminated?

  Philip2 19:36 18 Jul 2003

Back up your files and do a full format and reinstall your OS Windows 98 is quick to install a pain but you will get rid of Tiscali i wouldn't use them even if they offered it free.

  hugh-265156 19:47 18 Jul 2003
  mammak 21:09 18 Jul 2003

deannatrois, only wish i was able too help you ,as we have just moved and the 98 pc is still packed , and try as i might after using xp for some month,s, i am racking my brian to remmember how i got rid, as i too had it on my other pc for backup, and as Philip2, said well, even free lol i learned my leason with them in your face or what, hope you get this sorted mate, am sure someone on this forum can help, sorry i couldnt, regards Mammak

  Mango Grummit 22:34 18 Jul 2003

Hi there,
I've never found anything that can't be got rid of with jv16 PowerTools click here

Regards, M

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