Tiscali Upgrade issue

  collinsc 20:20 09 Jul 2008


We have just upgraded our Tiscali Broadband, yesterday, and we are now unable to get online from the PC. However, I am able to access the net via our Wireless Router - which is the same Tiscali broadband network.

Has anyone else had problems after upgrading their Tiscali package?

Does anyone have an idea what might have happened, and how it can be rectified?


  collinsc 21:33 09 Jul 2008

When you upgrade do you have to re-install the modem or something !? perhaps!?

  herbie53 21:44 09 Jul 2008

Is your PC connected to the wireless router via a network cable? If you can access the internet via wireless, then it is not a problem with tiscali or the phone line. Could be a problem with your PC.

  collinsc 22:11 09 Jul 2008

Yes - we have a cable from the router to the PC (what other way is there ?(i don't know)).

it just seems very coincidental that this problem occured the day after we upgraded with tiscali.

  collinsc 22:57 09 Jul 2008

It is error 797, which apparently is something to do with the modem...
So why is it i can access the connection via wireless and not the PC?

Its still very odd with its timing, as i say, i dont need a different modem do i as ive upgraded!?

  spuds 23:19 09 Jul 2008

What router are you using, and what upgrade package have you moved to.

  collinsc 07:19 10 Jul 2008

From 2MB Unlimited to 8MB Unlimited...

  crosstrainer 07:46 10 Jul 2008

You may need to change the routers settings from it's admin screen.

Should be: Plenty of help here

click here

  collinsc 09:31 10 Jul 2008

Thanks- ive checked that link out.

I don't think it will be this though - as we have not had a problem with this router prior to upgrading. Surely once you upgrade it does not expect you to reset your router??!?
if it is indeed this, then why is my wireless connceting?


  Taff™ 10:25 10 Jul 2008

Could this be connected with the MS Updates problem of yesterday? Do you have Comodo or ZoneAlarm on the PC?

  missedthepit 10:43 10 Jul 2008

Taff - this is a good point, after my housemate downloaded some MS updates yesterday he was completely unable to get on the internet - he could ping through to google.com and get a response but apart from that it was dead. We shut down Zone Alarms and it started working. If you have a firewall, it might be worth briefly switching it off and testing your connection then.

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