Tiscali speed up

  [DELETED] 13:21 25 Jan 2006

I have been a subscriber to Lineone, which is now Tiscali, for many years and am loath to change but was just about to do so when I noticed the B/B connection had had a considerable
increase in speed. I have had no other alterations to software or hardware and wonder if anyone else has noticed this welcome change or is it just a flash in the pan.


  [DELETED] 13:31 25 Jan 2006

I have Tiscali 2Mb B/B. Two evenings ago it was running at 3.3Mb., yesterday evening it was down to 450K. It's very variable. I live in a small village about 2.5km from the BT exchange, but the fact that it is capable of 3.3Mb indicates that it's not a line problem. I keep meaning to take up the variability with Tiscali but every time I get to the point of doing, it suddenly speeds up !

  [DELETED] 13:41 25 Jan 2006

I'm with Tiscali and I've noticed no update to speed at all. I suggest your updated speed is as rmcqua says variable and may drop off again, but in the meantime enjoy it.

  [DELETED] 13:56 25 Jan 2006

I'm also with Tiscali,also getting huge variance in speeds.Over xmas I was actually getting into double figures(10Mbs+)at times.This is balanced by several hours an evening at less than dialup speeds.

  [DELETED] 14:07 25 Jan 2006

Thanks for the replies, I have just recieved a large document from my office and it almost arrived faster than it could scroll down the page. As you say "enjoy it while it lasts". Every time it slowed down in the past I checked my Wi Fi speed and it wasn't that which put the brakes on.
Thanks again all. Subject closed (for now).


  rawprawn 14:32 25 Jan 2006

Like Chegs ®™ I am finding big variations, but at the moment on my 1mb connection I am getting 1881 down and 233 up.

  Stuartli 14:44 25 Jan 2006

When I originally switched to Tiscali BB from the DayTime Plus service last April I was getting between 2 and 2.4MB on a !MB service...

The maximum capable speed of my line is 2.3MB according to BT and I can walk to the exchange in about five minutes, so I'm a bit dubious about the claim of 3.3MB.

  [DELETED] 15:22 25 Jan 2006

I`ve just joined Tiscali BB and have noticed super speed during the day, but when school`s out it`s not as fast as my old dial-up.

  spuds 15:28 25 Jan 2006

It would appear that a number of Tiscali subscribers are in the same honey pot. High speeds, then low speeds. Over the past week, I was beginning to think that the problem was at my end, but the above seems to confirm, a number of us are experiencing the same situation.

  [DELETED] 16:44 25 Jan 2006

Im with Tiscali- the speeds go up & down, sometimes ultra fast, others worse than dial up! I find I lose connection every hour or so, & they dont seem in the least interested, so, in March when my 12month sentence with them is up, I shall be looking for a more reliable provider!

  Stuartli 17:49 25 Jan 2006

You may find the situation different shortly - Tiscali has been putting its own equipment into 300 BT exchanges all over the country.

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