Tiscali Spam Folder

  Ex plorer 14:52 15 Mar 2013

I am expecting an email, and it may be in the Spam folder.

I am with Tiscali and the amount of spam I get is almost nil, but I cant find the folder to check for my email.

OS Vista, None Tiscali Router,

  chub_tor 15:19 15 Mar 2013

Are you using Tiscali Webmail or getting your email via a client such as Window Live Mail, Outlook Express etc?

  Ex plorer 08:58 16 Mar 2013

Tiscali Web Mail,

I have the spam icon to put the occasional spam email I get into and will be filtered out if sent again.

It doesn't store spam that is filtered out before going to my inbox.

  chub_tor 09:36 16 Mar 2013

I don't have a Tiscali account so can't help much further but have you looked at this guide from Tiscai which says that it will show you how to personalise your settings. It may show you how to restore a missing Spam folder.

  Ex plorer 14:29 16 Mar 2013

chub_tor, thanks for your help I have been through the link you sent with no luck and asked Amy,the virtual assistant who is clueless and doesn't understand my questions lol.

  Ex plorer 15:16 16 Mar 2013

After more searching in Google I came across this answer, if the spam filter is switched on in the members area you cannot look at the spam emails.

Emails are blocked by Tiscali spam filter and are deleted the sender gets a message back saying the email was blocked by the spam filter.

  wiz-king 15:46 16 Mar 2013

I would not like that - I look at my junk/spam folder every few days and find the odd email in there that is not junk.

  Housten 16:33 16 Mar 2013

Ex plorer,

I, too, am with tiscali, and have been for more than 10 years; although I am glad to say not for much longer. You are very lucky getting so little spam, as I can get up to 38 emails per day and about 32/33 of them are spam. I mark them as spam, and tiscali are supposed to block them but all it seems to do is to encourage the spammers to send more.

What I have found much more worrying is that some emails are directed straight into not the spam box, but the delete box. What is even more worrying is that having looked at my emails, deleted some of them, some of the ones I wish to keep have gone the next time I log in. I usually find these in the delete box, but others have just disappeared. How and why this happens I have not got a clue.

  spuds 13:42 17 Mar 2013


I have been having recent Webmail problems with Tiscali/TalkTalk, and perhaps more so with unwanted spam.

I have found that the Community forum offers more help than TT support.

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