tiscali - removing capped download limit?

  pookie 13:08 30 Aug 2005


i'm on tiscali 1mb with 2Gb monthly download limit - just had an email from them saying they are removing capping limited to unlimited starting Sept - anyone else had this?


  Chegs ® 13:21 30 Aug 2005

No,but I had the 2Mb with a 30Gb cap,and since the 8/8/05 I have been monitoring my d/l's and have only just topped 10Gbs on my main PC.The laptop and my daughters PC are also sharing my connection,so a guess-timate would be approx 15Gbs between them all.If Tiscali are removing the cap totally,then I can cease running a usage monitor. :-)

  Stuartli 13:34 30 Aug 2005

Tiscali's new Fair Usage Policy states that the ISP will honour such a service, but only providing that heavy users don't abuse it between certain hours and spoil it for average users.

The actual wording is: "A very small number of customers use Peer to Peer or file sharing software, which constantly sends and receives video and other very large files, throughout the day. This type of activity uses a lot of bandwidth and can significantly reduce the speed at which other customers can access the internet during peak hours. Approximately 1% of customers use more than 30% of the available bandwidth during peak hours. We don't believe this is fair to the vast majority of our customers.

"This fair usage policy automatically identifies the very small number of extremely heavy users and manages their bandwidth only during peak hours (being 6pm to 11pm Monday to Friday, and 12pm to 4pm on weekends and bank holidays), to protect the service for all our other customers. Outside peak hours, the use of the internet by these heavy users is unaffected.

"We think this is the fairest approach. It protects the quality of service for the vast majority of our customers when they most use the service, while at the same time allowing the extremely heavy users to continue to send and receive without restriction outside of peak hours."

  Jackcoms 13:39 30 Aug 2005

"anyone else had this?"


But a better way to see what packages are available is to regularly check the "upgrade your existing broadband package" in the "My Account" area of Tiscali's website.

Their packages and prices change on a regular basis and if you've already been a customer for 12+ months you can upgrade/downgrade more or less as often as you want.

  Stuartli 13:44 30 Aug 2005


click here

  pookie 08:55 31 Aug 2005

cheers guys


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