Tiscali My Account

  Jimmy14 19:44 11 Jan 2007

Can anyone view their bill on the my account section of Tiscali's website? I keep getting "waiting for ecare.tiscali.co.uk/servlet.litecareservet" It shows the drop down menu for selecting each month but nothing else?

  Gongoozler 19:49 11 Jan 2007

Mine's ok. It might have been a temporary site problem.

  smy13 19:50 11 Jan 2007

That's nothing been a Tiscali broadband customer since October. Phone them every month to ask them to start billing me, but they refuse to except I'm a current customer. According to their records I'm still awaiting connection. amnd I though orange/wanadoo were inept

  bluto1 19:50 11 Jan 2007

Yes, I`ve just viewed mine no problem

  bluto1 19:52 11 Jan 2007

Hey! I wish I were so lucky.
However when they do start prepare yourself for a nasty bill

  Jimmy14 19:55 11 Jan 2007

anyone know what could be the problem that I get a blank screen?

  pcbobby 20:38 11 Jan 2007

I have Tiscali on line billing.
They usually run two weeks in arrears. I hope to be able to view my December bill by this weekend.

Re problem viewing. Before I had broadband, I did have a problem loading the Tiscali My Account site. I found the culprit to be Tiscali's software called Accelerator. I had to disable it to view my bill!!

Might it be a firewall causing your problem at the moment?

  flecc 21:08 11 Jan 2007

Onspeed can cause this problem if you're using it. If so, just switch it off to enter that Tisacli zone.

  pcbobby 21:13 11 Jan 2007

I would also add, that Tiscali My account has 'popups', so a popup stopper might hinder??

  BLUEWORM 00:47 12 Jan 2007

I started on dialup with tiscali and on registering i upgraded to BB. They billed me TWICE for same month one dial up and one BB.

My direct debit only to pay them for one, i got hit for bank charges as not enuff in bank to cover.

Despite enless hours on to customer serv, and letters Tiscali refused to pay my bank charges and take that amount from my bill.

They discontinued my accout and have refused to let me have my BB connection released so i can go to another BB provider, thats over a year!!!

If you sign with them make sure YOU are NOT PAYING for TWO different services at once!!!


  Jimmy14 22:48 14 Jan 2007

seems to be working now for some strange reason.

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