Tiscali Music Club

  Terry-206869 23:05 04 May 2004

Is anyone else having trouble downloading music from OD2 ? Although I am using Tiscali Broadband 256kps it is taking up to 40 mins to download a single track. The speed starts at 53kps stops 23kps stops 16,10 7,4,2 until time out. Having contacted them numerous times I have received no satisfaction at all. Any suggestions before all my hair torn out in frustration?.

  totty102 23:18 04 May 2004

I am a member of Tiscali Music Club and Coke Music and have had the same problem.

I was a member of Tiscali first and successfully downloaded a few albums no trouble. Then, the downloads were timing out all the time so uninstalled, reinstalled download manager which didnt work.
Tried coke music - seemed to think it might have been the website but im led to believe music may come from same place.

Emailed both support people and no word at all. Took me forever to download an album but it does work.

Im at a loss at what to do - sorry its not a fix but at least you know you arent alone!

If they want us all to download legal music then this isnt the way to encourage people. Why wait forever when kazaa etc will do it in a split second!!

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