Tiscali - multiple email addys?

  collinsc 17:18 25 Sep 2008

Last one... honest.

My relative is on Tiscali i believe. He has started to get lots of junk mail as he obviously hasnt been that careful with where he uses his address!

I have suggested he ges a new one and is more careful. Can we simply sign up a new email addres for him through tiscali and then set it up in to outlook?

Can we then shut down his old email address? or do you just leave it open!?

thanks again

  rawprawn 17:26 25 Sep 2008

Just set up a new email address and delete the old one from Outlook. After a period of time Tiscali will kill the old one.

  Pineman100 17:31 25 Sep 2008

Tiscali will allow you to have several email addresses on your account (can't remember how many). Why not try creating a new one?

Alternatively, set up another one somewhere quite different (Google Mail perhaps). Keep the spammy one for use when you're required to give your email address to commercial organisations, and the other one just for friends and family.

The great thing about a webmail service (like Google Mail) is that you never have to download your emails. They're all stored on Google's server. So if you have a crash, your emails and contacts are safe, and you can access them any time, from any computer, anywhere.

  collinsc 17:34 25 Sep 2008

thanks rawprawn. Can i set up the address on his behalf and then email him details on how to replace his address so it runs properly through MS Outlook?

  collinsc 17:41 25 Sep 2008

Pineman - thanks, and i agree. I would go with this route, he seems keen on having them all through Tiscali though!

How do you set up multiple emaill addresses to come through the one MS Outlook application?
(As he already appears to have)


  rawprawn 17:53 25 Sep 2008

I think that you will have to set up using his computer, I can't see a way round that.If you want more email addresses simply add them. you don't say which version of Outlook but it is just the same as any new email.

  collinsc 17:57 25 Sep 2008

outlook XP

ok, so i cant set up the addy and then explain to him to set it up?

he would have to do it all at his end? ive never tried setting up a new email addy on tiscali, im assuming it is easy.

where is the box that allows you to set up Outlook to receive mails to various addresses? (he appears to have it set up like this, but i have never experienced that before)

  rawprawn 18:39 25 Sep 2008

See if this helps yclick here

  rawprawn 18:41 25 Sep 2008

I will try a new link
click here

  collinsc 18:44 25 Sep 2008

Thanks - so that tells me how to set up one account... so how can i add multiple accounts to run throuh MS Outlook?

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