Tiscali - major probs sending and receiving emails

  Alanis 23:07 11 Jan 2007

Can anyone help. I've been having major problems with Tiscali for almost one month. Emails that I have sent during this time haven't reached recipients (some very important work-related emails unfortunately - I sometimes work from home) and I mainly receive just spam and mailings in my Inbox (they might let one important email every few days slip through the net). I've done over thirty test emails from my work address and from my new Yahoo account to my Tiscali account, but none have arrived in my Inbox.

Tiscali and BT apparently did major maintenance in my area (East Barnet) on December 15th and things have gone pear-shaped since that date.

I've been emailing Tiscali daily (at great expense) but have had no joy. They either tell me my email is working (which of course it isn't) or they give me various reasons why it isn't working, including "problems with their Interface" and they even suggest I delete cookies. I took my laptop to work and my IT manager and I made numerous phone calls and each time they gave us a different reason for the fault. My IT manager was so exasperated after his fifth call to them that he refused to try again, saying it would be a waste of time.

I called their complaints department and they told me to call technical support, but they are the people I'm complaining about!

Any ideas as to what I can do to get the problem fixed? Almost one month down the line and I'm at a loss as to what to do next.

  woodchip 23:13 11 Jan 2007

You do know that they are now NTL?

  Alanis 23:15 11 Jan 2007

Sorry - error there. The major expense isn't for the emails I'm sending but the phone calls I've made. Almost fifteen so far I think. Each time they've given a different reason for the problem. Have given up calling now....too expensive. Just email daily but that's proving to be a waste of time too.

  woodchip 23:17 11 Jan 2007

Similar probs click here

  johnnyrocker 23:18 11 Jan 2007

dont think they are woodchip because a while back they bought a video on demand company by the name of homechoice and are now looking to sell the uk arm of their ops and the asking price is in the 600 million bracket and i would suspect that it is these areas are causing the posters issues as homechoice is/was an isp in it's own right and integration of systems an issue.


  StephenRogers 23:29 11 Jan 2007

I know this doesn't directly address the problem, and it sounds like you've thought of this already (sorry)but would it work for you to give up on tiscali and switch to using another email provider, say, for example; google mail (which I would recommend)?

  Alanis 23:35 11 Jan 2007

Just remembered, the last time I had a major prob with Tiscali (about 18 months ago) I found a specialist IT journalist via Google (works on a website called The Register) and he called one of the high-ups at Tiscali for me. Pretty sure that got things moving, so I've just emailed The Register again via their website - hope I get lucky for a second time because dealing with Tiscali is a nightmare.

  Stuartli 23:38 11 Jan 2007

Tiscali has been having problems with its e-mail service in recent days, but these seem somewhat different at present:

click here

You are probably referring to this:

click here

I'm so pleased I left Tiscali several months ago...:-)

  Alanis 23:40 11 Jan 2007

I have opened up a Yahoo account but the problem is, I sometimes work from home and most of my clients know my Tiscali address, either from emails I've sent them, or letters and business cards etc. I need to inform as many as poss before I change servers. Unfortunately, that'll take me a while. Believe me, the sooner I'm shot of Tiscali the better. They take appalling customer service to a whole new level.

  Alanis 23:47 11 Jan 2007

Thanks for that second link Stuartli. At least I now have a name for the chief exec at Tiscali UK. Will try emailing her at [email protected] or .com and see if that gets through. Worth a try anyway.

  johnnyrocker 23:48 11 Jan 2007

try webmail.co.uk to notify all people or even better poss use the tiscali webmail bit to tell all needed about your move.


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