david4637 17:14 24 Mar 2004

If I define the “To:” as my email address and use the “IS NOT” on this To: address, then ask it to move that spam email to the Discard folder then it should work, BUT IT DOES NOT. It moves correctly addressed emails to the Discard folder.
Could this be that the “To:” email address is changed to my name by the sender when its sent. It gets the name from the Outlook Express (Version 5.5) address book.

To: [email protected]

When I look at the incoming email it displays my name –

To:Fred Bloggs
Is this why the filter does not work?

Any helpful ideas would be very much appreciated to reduce spam.
Thanks Fred Bloggs, alias David.

  paddyjack 19:03 24 Mar 2004

I personally work it the other way round. That is anybody in my address book and a few others are moved into there own folder. I leave the spam in the Inbox or where ever and check it just in case.

The trouble Spam changeds its headings to often to try and keep up with it.

This is my way of beating Spam and has worked for the last 2 years.

Hope this helps

  david4637 19:28 25 Mar 2004

1. Thanks paddyjack, would you please spell out in more detail how your method works.

Refresh -
2. Many spam emails get through without your correct email address, therefore if my query could work, its a good way to stop spam.
Your help still therefore needed please read my thread. Thanks David

  paddyjack 20:17 25 Mar 2004

this is based on the message rules, and set up as follows 'where the from line contains' and then it is 'move it to'. Then in the definition I set the from as the people in my address book, and there are few others that I added manually. The result is that emails from these spefic people will be moved into there own folder that has been defined in the 'move to' part of the rule.
For example From: [email protected] will be moved to (shall we say) personal the folder I created for this purpose.

Get back if you need to

  david4637 16:59 26 Mar 2004

Thanks paddyjack but I don't want to download the spam, when my ISP has a filter to stop it, albeit that it does not appear to work.

My Question again -

If the email address is changed to display my name -

To: fredbloggs , does the ISP filter test for

To: fredbloggs

or does it test To:[email protected]?

Please help you OE5.5 experts
Thanks David

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