Is Tiscali on Go-Slow?

  pcbobby 15:35 16 Nov 2007

OS XP Home.
My exchange can only cater for 512Kbps.(Tiscali)
However, during the last few weeks the speed has really slowed down.
It varies between 11kbps to 80Kbps.
On a good day, I might get a one of, 140Kbps.
And once in the blue moon, it will even reach 400Kbps.

I have made no changes in software and there no aliens (virus) on board.
AVG. Spyware terminator, and Comodo are all up to date.

Has any members had similar problems?

PS. I did note that the Tiscali status was reading 20% for internet.

  johnnyrocker 15:36 16 Nov 2007

depends on location.


  pcbobby 15:40 16 Nov 2007

Sorry johnnyrocker, I should have indicated Lincolnshire.

  FungusBoggieman 15:42 16 Nov 2007

no problem here in devon.
if in doubt give them a call and ask them to reset your network.

  pcbobby 15:46 16 Nov 2007

Thank you FungusBoggieman. I note that.

  Stuartli 15:46 16 Nov 2007

Have you followed the Tiscali advice on the subject first?

click here

Incidentally I've just run a speed test (I have TalkTalk) on Tiscali's own speed checker - it's around 6.35MB, which ties in with

  pcbobby 15:49 16 Nov 2007

Sorry, I forgot to add.
In August,I was 7 days without BB , Tiscali engineers did a reset.

  pcbobby 15:54 16 Nov 2007

Staurtli, Thank you for the link.

Until a few weeks ago, I was achieving in excess of 512 - even reached 972kbps!!

  Dipso 17:09 16 Nov 2007

Please don't rely solely on the Tiscali speedtest, it's known to be inaccurate, it's just given me a result of 25.6 Mbps. This would explain why you thought you got a result of 972Kbps from a 512Kbps connection. The speedtest download file is far too small to correctly record your speed. A proper download from a well sourced server such as Microsoft would give a better idea of your true speed.

Are you on a 512 fixed connection due to the distance to your exchange? Most exchanges have been ADSL Max up to 8 Meg enabled now, has yours not?

  rob3600 05:34 17 Nov 2007

Got tired of tiscali switching to Talk Talk was without BB for 3 days cost £15.00 in phone calls to Tiscali, before loosing BB went really slow then went off Location Lancashire.

  tiscalitrev 09:01 17 Nov 2007

pcbobby, I am in south Lincs and am experiencing the same problems, in fact always had some speed problems in the 2 years I have been with them. I am on 1 meg and "sometimes" can achieve the heady heights of 950k, but more likely 500k.
However in the past week or so I am down to very poor speeds, eg yesterday 50k, today just before posting this 150k.

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