Tiscali and email response

  spuds 13:05 05 Feb 2007

I have always praised Tiscali on their service, because I have found it to be very satisfactory and provided all that I required from it.

Over the past few weeks, I have had problems with their email service. Apparently the main problem was due to a large increase of spam on their servers. They have informed me that the situation is under constant review, and further safeguard and security procedures have been undertaken, including adding further hardware to their internet services. Again I was very satisfied with the response from Tiscali, it explained the problems.

Within the last two weeks, have have sent a couple of email requests for an installation disk, which I have had no response, even though the auto system stated that I would receive a reply. Today I have sent a further email, but on this occasion, the on-screen submit form requested two email address's were now required for a response. The alternative address must be a non Tiscali email address. Failure to provide the alternative, results in the fact that you cannot submit the email, but you are required to make telephone contact to Tiscali.

Possibly seems nothing to get concerned about, but as anyone else had problems submitting emails and obtaining responses, within the past week or so. This is a problem that I have never had in the past, and I would like to solve the 'mystery'.

  Kate B 13:06 05 Feb 2007

What do you need from them exactly? Drivers for your modem? Try looking on the Tiscali website and see if you can download them.

  spuds 13:21 05 Feb 2007

Thanks for the quick reply Kate B, I realise that I can download the drivers from the relevant sites (Thomson & Sagem), but I required the Tiscali disk due to new computer systems.

Considering that nearly every computer magazine had a Tiscali disk glued to it not long ago, I thought a quick response would be forthcoming, so as to get rid of surplus stock ;O)

  spuds 11:19 06 Feb 2007

Boy o' boy, what a palaver. Talk about confusion in them there hills.

Events log:

Sent email to Tiscali requesting broadband installation disk (similar to those stuck on many computer magazines in the past). No response.

Sent further email using different 'contact us' address, this time Customer Support. On-screen form fully completed regarding my request for installation disk,all account details, date of birth, operating system, modem type etc.

Received email from Customer Support, informing me that I have to contact broadband technical services.(Note Customer Support. Was it not possible for them to deal with this simple matter, ie send a disk out).

Sent email to broadband technical services, and received reply that I must submit all my details again. "Also, as a gesture of complete customer satisfaction I am going to send you a new CD absolutely free of cost. However, before we send you the installation CD we need to first verify that you are account holder in accordance with the Data Protection Act".

The email also informed me that I would need a disk for the Windows XP operating system, and I would need to contact a vendor, because Tiscali do not supply these!.

Won't go any further, because its getting depressing. Sent another email, let see what that brings :O(

Nb: Does anyone have a few hundred redundant Tiscali coasters (complete with tacky glue)available!.

  silverous 11:24 06 Feb 2007

I threw one away just yesterday. What is on the disk that is so essential? If you have broadband and a router you shouldn't need any disk... or do you have a modem of some sort?

If it is TCP/IP (DNS servers etc.) you need to configure most of that should be on their site.

  Totally-braindead 11:33 06 Feb 2007

Sorry spuds but I don't I'm with Tiscali and they always went straight in the bin.
I'm afraid I found Tiscalis support to be non existant, fortunately only needed them twice. The last time I gave up and sorted it myself as everytime I asked a question they would reply about something else which had nothing to do with my query.
After about 20 emails I finally lost the rag with them and restated my problem and begged them, as nearly as I can remember it went something like this " Over the past 2 weeks I have sent over 20 emails about XXXXXX problem. You keep replying about things that have nothing to do with the problem. Can someone please actually read what I am asking. Please. Read what I have posted and reply with the solution, do not go on about XXXX" I listed all the replies that had given me.
Got an email a day or so later appologising and giving me more advice about something else which had nothing to do with my problem.
So I gave up.

  COLIN-234466 13:37 06 Feb 2007

when my contract runs out i'me going back to aol i've had nothing but problems since i signed up with tiscali e-mail and bandwidth extremely slow support not very helpfull if you can understand them.

  silverous 20:42 06 Feb 2007

Spuds, I've got a Tiscali install as part of the software that came with my mesh pc. I'd be happy to upload it somewhere if you think it would help?

  surfmonkey #:@}© 20:57 06 Feb 2007

which tiscali cd are you after i have a tiscali install cd for a segam modem that i got when i signed up to tiscali some time ago if that helps email me your address and i will post it to you if you need it

  spuds 21:06 06 Feb 2007

Thanks for the offer of the Tiscali disk, but I am hoping that Tiscali will resolve the issue. If not, then I might take you up on the offer.

Just for the record, I have use of the Thomson SpeedTouch 330 and the Sagem [email protected] 800 E2T modems.The reason that I want the disks is due to setting up two new computer systems.

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