tiscali e-mail on windows 10

  alfredgerald 10:49 10 Nov 2016

why cant I install my Tiscali e-mail on windows 10?

  john bunyan 13:37 10 Nov 2016

I use Pipex - older than Tiscali on W 10. Is your ISP TalkTalk?

  john bunyan 13:39 10 Nov 2016

PS I go via Outlook 2016

  alfredgerald 18:35 11 Nov 2016

yes im on talk talk

  john bunyan 19:01 11 Nov 2016

Yes, but what Windows 10 e mail provider do you use? As I said I use Outlook 2016 ,see

W10 e mail

  alfredgerald 07:16 12 Nov 2016

i use the same outlook 16

  john bunyan 08:33 12 Nov 2016

Later on I will go through my e mail settings , am on iPhone at the moment

  john bunyan 09:37 12 Nov 2016

Have a read of my earlier thread. Now working OK

e mail thread

  Secret-Squirrel 10:04 12 Nov 2016

Alfred, before anyone can help you properly please provide more info for us. What have you tried so far and what was the outcome? If you're getting error messages then let us know what they say.

The more details you can provide then the better chance of a quick resolution.

  Daniel Hirst 11:27 13 Nov 2016

Hello Alfred,

Here is a step by step guide for setting up your emails (with pictures):

click here here are the Tiscali details that you need (IMAP)

Login / Username: your email

Incoming mail server: imap.tiscali.co.uk Incoming Port: 993
Incoming SSL: Yes
Outgoing mail server: smtp.tiscali.co.uk
Outgoing Port: 587
Outgoing SSL: Yes
Outgoing Authentication: Yes


  alfredgerald 14:27 05 Dec 2016

thanks worked ok

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