Tiscali e-mail

  Blackadderthe4th 15:59 16 Feb 2010

I've now got a laptop, but can't log on to tiscali e-mail using a dongle, what am I doing wrong or is this correct?

  ame 17:30 16 Feb 2010

Eh? I presume you have mobile broadband via the dongle but cannot access your mail via the TalkTalk website? Should be able to, surely.

  ame 17:35 16 Feb 2010

If you want to download your mail onto your laptop using Outlook Express, Windows Mail or similar program, you need to set up an account on it first. If you access your mail that way, and your laptop crashes without a backup copy of your files, you'll lose all your contacts, messages, etc. So webmail has advantages.

  Blackadderthe4th 18:00 16 Feb 2010

'but cannot access your mail via the TalkTalk website?' Correct, when using dongle and laptop. OK on desktop!

  Sea Urchin 18:05 16 Feb 2010

Do you mean you can open the TalkTalk webmail page but not access your email account? If so what error message do you get?

  ame 20:52 16 Feb 2010

Interesting. What happens if you switch off/disconnect your modem or router for the desktop and plug the dongle into that instead?

  Blackadderthe4th 22:08 16 Feb 2010

@Sea Urchin
"can open the TalkTalk webmail page but not access your email account?" correct.
No error message other than "login not correct". As far as I remember!
"on desktop!" with dongle OK!

  Blackadderthe4th 22:52 16 Feb 2010

Something else. the laptop came with the Mcafee security suite and there is a lot, to me (used to AVG,Zonealarm etc) so will investigate that more closely!

  ame 00:10 17 Feb 2010

I did wonder if there was some security software or something on the laptop preventing access. I've used McAfee Internet Security for years witout problems, but only on my desktop. To disable it and try accessing your webmail, you have to go into the SecurityCentre interface and disable all the bits separately - no simple off switch, I'm afraid. [I also assume your laptop keyboard is set to English uk, of course, and the CAPS lock is off, so your password is correct!]

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