Tiscali CD

  kazmax 22:27 26 Apr 2003

Does anyone else hate the Tiscali CD which is always glued inside the PC Advisor magazine?

Each month I try to ease the thing off the page it is stuck to, and invariably give up because the glue is just too well set. That is followed by me ripping the page out of the magazine complete with CD and binning it.

By my doing this PC Advisor are letting their advertisers on the page in question down, because there's no way I'm then going to be reading the adverts on either side of the page, and as the magazine is passed around the family multiple chances are missed.

  mammak 23:12 26 Apr 2003

got load,s bin the lot an try freeserve anytime, if your not on broadband, an i the are a pain to peel off the mag u are not on your own mate

  Migwell 00:19 27 Apr 2003

Why can't Tiscali CDs in wallets be the same as all those AOL CDs that don't need to be glued in. It's far easier to get them out of the magazine to throw them away.

Why do PC Advisor not run one of the question poll's on the subcriber site to find out if the CDs are wanted or not. I bet I know the answer right now. Tiscali & AOL would save lots of money by not supplying all the junk CDs they do now, that is after the question was asked.

  Belatucadrus 00:38 27 Apr 2003

Moan moan moan, the young you're all the same, now in my day the tiscali Cd was stuck in with a three poond blob of concrete and you needed a pneumatic drill to get it out. All they've got now is a poxy little strip of glue, of course times were hard back then in 2002.

  Belatucadrus 00:40 27 Apr 2003

poond is either a typing error or a scots pound.

  Bagsey 09:08 27 Apr 2003

Uses found so far for TISCALI discs.
Take into school and use for the kids to make CLOCK faces in craft lessons.

Beer Mats.

Bird Scarers.


Distort in a block of wood to make a Relector for a telescope.

Come on, you people must be able to add to that short list.

  kazmax 10:33 27 Apr 2003

> you people must be able to add to that short list

I wasn't actually moaning about the superfluous CDs which I really do not need. I've got NTL cable modem here, so exactly what need would I have for Tiscali?

My gripe is (and was) about the fact that PC Advisor insist on glueing the Tiscali CD inside the magazine, and that generally results in me tearing a page out of the magazine rather than fiddle around trying to remove it from the page. Bad idea for advertisers.

  Andsome 10:44 27 Apr 2003

I started a thread about this many months ago, and it was eventually closed by the FE. For a couple of months the offending CD was stuck to pages with adverts on the back. It now appears that advertisers may have objected to this practise, and this month I damaged a page with an article on the back, whilst removing the CD. No one at PCA has yet informed us, why with the subscribed for copies we get any other CD's loose inside the magazine, but this damned CD is always stuck on a page. Likewise with the CD's on newsagents copies, they do not need to be stuck to the front cover with sellotape, there are plenty of company's that make peelable tape, and any added cost would be very minimal per magazine. We all appreciate that advertising is necessary to keep the cost of the magazine down, but surely not at the cost of mutilating it.

  kazmax 21:42 27 Apr 2003

Precisely my concern.

I have to assume by the intransigent attitude of the folks at PC Advisor that Tiscali pay some extra wonga to have the CD mounted inside, otherwise they wouldn't do it. I email'd the magazine some time ago about this issue and they couldn't even be bothered to say thanks for getting in touch.

One thing is for sure about this arrangement, when friends ask me about which services to sign up with (and they do occasionally) Tiscali doesn't get on the shortlist. Reason being that any company that is associated with wantonly wrecking a magazine I pay good money for isn't going to get my vote of confidence, ever.

So carry on paying the extra wonga Tiscali - it is hitting you where it hurts!

  Andsome 08:08 28 Apr 2003

Well said.

  Sir Radfordin™ 08:24 28 Apr 2003

Does it matter? Can you really not read the mag without removing this CD?

Having never had a problem getting it out of any mag I buy can't see what all the fuss is about. The price of the mag would no doubt be more if Tiscali and others didn't advertise and then you lot would moan even more.

Anyway, I thought this issue had been resolved a couple of months ago with some changes to the type and amount of glue in use?

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