Tiscali Broadband Speeds

  Hullite 21:59 26 Oct 2005

Am I alone when it comes to slow broadband speeds with Tiscali. I have had a problem with them for quite a while now and find there service to be very poor. I would be interested in anybody out there with similar problems or any problems with this ISP provider.
Thank You

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:00 26 Oct 2005

Rockets along at 2megs for me. Always excellent service.


  VoG II 22:02 26 Oct 2005
  knobler 22:03 26 Oct 2005

Yeah, to agree with Gandalf, my 1Mb does cruise along nicely - are you very far from an exchange or do your neighbours have problems with their broadband speeds?

  Jackcoms 22:10 26 Oct 2005

Yawn. Yet another "let's knock Tiscali" thread?

They are one of the world's largest ISPs, so must be doing something right.

I have no complaints.

Slow BB speeds are invariably to do with high contention ratios, old telephone lines, (long) distances from your exchange or PCs clogged up with crap - NOT the ISP.

  knobler 22:13 26 Oct 2005

now now - he only asked - we're not all experts - me included - that's why we have a helproom isn't it??

  Jackcoms 22:20 26 Oct 2005

I provided help in the form of advice - read my final paragraph.

  i.tech 22:21 26 Oct 2005

I have just cancelled my tiscali account but that was down to there customer service and the fact that they kept failing to take the DD and presenting me with 3 months worth of charges at once.

  i.tech 22:21 26 Oct 2005

I also had a slow connection however this could be caused by a number of factors. Goto:
click here and conduct a speed test. If it's slower than it should be you maybe too far from an exchange, using a low grade extension cable which doesn't cope with ADSL signals very well or have a faulty filter. If your using a software modem (which both the sagem and speedtouch provided by tiscali are) you may have low system recources, software modems share the work with your pc - goto start>run> type msconfig and select the startup tab - are there alot of items in here, try unchecking some non-critical ones. If all else is fine call their tech support and ask them to do a check on your line, there maybe a fault that is slowing down your speed even though you may be able to make voice calls without any problem - voice calls run at around 9k.

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