Tiscali broadband problems

  MIKE 16:12 27 Jun 2005

Hi folks, help needed with Tiscali broadband my neibour has just upgraded from 512 to 2MEG broadband and cannot now access the web. when he tries to go on the web the system appears to go on line but what ever web page he tries to access comes up with web page not available. when I looked at his machine last night he had a W32/[email protected] virus. I ran the Norton removal too and this appears to have removed this virus. My questions are would this virus screw up his broadband access,and what do I need to do to enable him to have access to the web again!!!! help please.Sorry for any poor grammer.

  rawprawn 16:19 27 Jun 2005

Silly question He hasn't got "Work offline" ticked ?

  MIKE 16:24 27 Jun 2005

No rawprawn it was one of the first things I checked. He clicks on the tiscali icon it goes through checking his name and password goes on line but still will not let him access any web page.

  rawprawn 16:43 27 Jun 2005

Have you pressed set Defaults button in Internet Options?

  rawprawn 16:48 27 Jun 2005

Is the Green triangle in the system tray, and do you have the 2 little TV icons in the system tray

  MIKE 16:55 27 Jun 2005

Thanks for your advice rawprawn at the moment I am on my own PC will be at the faulty one later tonight will look then at the system tray then. I think I must be going bain dead I have looked under Internet option can you be more specific where the set Defaults button is located. Thanks for all your help.

  Gongoozler 17:09 27 Jun 2005

If your neighbour hasn't changed any computer settings between the 512K and 2M upgrade, I suspect that the error is with either Tiscali or BT. As far as I know W32/[email protected] is a mass mailing worm, and therefore should have no effect on the Internet connection.

  rawprawn 17:23 27 Jun 2005

Tools/Internet Options/Advanced bottom RHS Restore Defaults.I agree with Gongoozler and if you make no headway I would suggest you ring their helpline. I had a problem last week and it turned out to be their network/BT problem. They fixed it in about 4 hours, but I still had to pay for the call.

  MIKE 08:30 28 Jun 2005

Hi guys thanks for all your help. I managed to cure his problem last night, it turned out to be his fire wall was blocking access to the Web. I also downloaded Stinger for the removal of his Virus all back to normal. Once again thanks for your help

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