Tiscali Broadband not working

  Jo77 13:58 09 Apr 2008


I recently switched from Broadband only with Tiscali to the package including telephone line rental.

The switch happened when I was on holiday. I came back to find the phone line was dead. After calling Tiscali they fixed the telephone line within 24 hrs.

The broadband line however still does not work. I am connecting via a wireless router- have checked all connections, including resetting the unit but no joy. The Status/ADSL light constantly blinks.

Have had no internet now for 5 days. I have called Tiscali 3 or 4 times now, each time I get a random person in their call centre who asks me the same questions. Having finally convinced them its not a problem with my router/connections I have been told that they have pased the issue onto second line support & its likely to take between 48-72 hours to resolve.

I dont think they actually know what the problem is! Am seriously losing the will with them.

I am assuming that it is infact a problem with the line...are they any other checks I should do?


  brundle 16:34 09 Apr 2008

Make & model of router? Access its configuration pages and see if there's a line status/statistics page.

  Jo77 12:22 11 Apr 2008

The router is SNA5630NS/05 (Talk Talk branded Philips Router).

On the setup page it says ADSL 'Physical Down'

The settings are set to:

VPI 0/38
VC Mux
MTU 1400

Any help would be appreciated before I give Tiscali more grief...

  setecio 12:01 12 Apr 2008

Does the router have your tiscali username and password stored ?

Find the BT mastersocket, take off the faceplate, and plug in the filter to the test socket .. to rule out internal wiring.

click here

  Jo77 08:30 13 Apr 2008

Thanks for your help. This is now fixed- I assume it was a problem with the line as after numerous phone calls to Tiscali ADSL is now up & running

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