Tiscali Broadband Connection

  StevieB77 22:03 22 Jun 2005

I'm having trouble with my connection with Tiscali Broadband, can anyone help?

Every few minutes the connection is lost.

I have checked for viruses.
Disabled the internal modem.
Taken off the allow computer to turn USB ports to off.
Tried different DSL filters.

I previously had AOL but never had this problem so the line itself is not at fault.

Does anyone have any other suggestions?

  StevieB77 22:07 22 Jun 2005

In fact sometimes as just now the power in the modem is lost completly.

  daxian 22:41 22 Jun 2005

hi stevieb77....
are you still using the modem that came free from tiscali ?
if you are you should try updating the drivers and if that dont help, do what i did and get yourself a pci adsl modem ....i have had no problems since i changed .....hope this helps .

  alB 22:41 22 Jun 2005

What make of modem do you have?, If it's the Sagem [email protected] try changing the USB rate over to Bulk, to do this either double click the green triangle or start the DSLMON utility from your programs menu, press Alt + D to bring up the Administrative window and click the Config tab, change the USB rate to Bulk, click apply/OK and restart the Modem, don't know if this will definitely fix your problem but it did sort out certain troubles I had, If it doesn't do the trick follow the same procedure to change back to ISO mode...alB

  StevieB77 23:15 22 Jun 2005

Thanks alB, I have managed to get as far as posting this response not with losing the conection.

Thanks Dave, I will also look for an updated driver (and keep in mind the name of the modem you have mentioned)

Oh and the modem I have is the one from Tiscali (Sagem 800).

I will post this as resolved if it keeps ok for a day or two.

Regards Steve

  StevieB77 22:17 23 Jun 2005

The problem persists!

Although with the USB rate at bulk it has been better. After installing new drivers (not the ones supplied by Tiscali) it can't connect at all.

I have previously said that the old modem I used for AOL (BT Voyager) was fine. Does anyone if this could be used or does it have to be the modem supplied?

  rawprawn 08:10 24 Jun 2005

I would phone their helpline, I lost all connection last week and tried everything that has benn mentioned above. Eventually I phoned and after they rechecked my computer they found it to be their own network problem which they fixed, although I still had to pay for the call.

  Shas 09:48 24 Jun 2005

Have you checked out Tiscali's own forum - there's quite a large section on bb connection problems and you might find some clues there. A lot of people do describe the supplied modem as rubbish!

  alB 16:10 24 Jun 2005

If you are still using the new drivers you may have to manually configure the connection settings, have a look in the further help section by clicking the "Tiscali Help" icon on your desktop...alB

  StevieB77 19:10 24 Jun 2005

Thanks, I will try these sugestions

I have contacted Tiscali and they could find no problems so they have contacted BT to check the line.

  Mad Mick 23:16 24 Jun 2005

Hi StevieB77. My cousin had the same problem and Tiscali asked BT to check the line. The response was very quick and the BT engineer checked the line and hard wired the modem to the incoming box and all his connection problems evaporated.

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