tiscali broadband

  breadwinner 15:06 23 Mar 2008

I recently moved to Tiscali. needless to say I have had a lot of grief. However my connection after a while on my desktop pc gets slower & eventualy gets to the point were it stops. I then cannot do anything. I try reconnecting,shutting down but this dos'nt seem to help at all. I went on this morning early about 8.30am. It was ok for about 2 hours then I had to give up with it, so I assumed it was because I was getting to the busy period. Since then I have set it up on my laptop this afternoon & have had no problems for well over an hour now. My desktop runs xp & my laptop is vista I am on Tiscali's top 8meg package which is running at about 2.7 meg. This is a lot less than 8meg but I'll be happy with 2.7 for now, Any suggestions please.

  breadwinner 15:53 23 Mar 2008


  rawprawn 18:55 23 Mar 2008

I had a similar problem with Tiscali, I was paying for 8mb but only getting between 1.7 and 2.3mb. I complained and followed all their instructions but it was no better.
Eventually I asked for a MAC number, and they reduced my charges and my speed went up to about 4.5mb within 3 days.
However I had had enough and moved to BT Internet,
I pay a bit more, but I am delighted I get between 5mb and 7mb. I do not trust Tiscali and I am convinced they were cheating me.

  MAJ 19:33 23 Mar 2008

What you describe is only par for the course with Tiscali.

Solution: Like many others, including myself, get your MAC number and move to a more reliable provider.

  breadwinner 20:57 23 Mar 2008

Thank you, but the strange thing is it's working ok on my laptop which would indicate the fault is with me. Having said that I have just done a system restore to the day before yesterday & my desktop is now back on line. But I dont know for how long & what upset it anyway

  pookie 21:16 23 Mar 2008

for what it's worth i too moved from tiscali recently. i had been a loyal customer for years but after no connection for 1 x month i'd had enough. They gave me every excuse. It wasn't just me about about 10 tiscali customers in my area that i know off. we've all left. I've gone to talktalk and monthly it's cheaper and i've never not had a connection - very happy

  breadwinner 21:26 23 Mar 2008

Who do you complain to the india call centre is worse than useless

  thumbscrew 21:29 23 Mar 2008

I've been with Tiscali for a year...one problem follows another...regular outages...couldn't e-mail for 10 days which even made the national press. It's been ok for me for just over a week, I just know it's about to go wrong again. Call centre useless, status messages at least 12 hours behind...they've got too big too quickly...something wrong every day, check their status page...AVOID.

  bluto1 21:59 23 Mar 2008

I may be going off in a wrong direction here but have you checked your XP PC for malware or virus?
Just a thought, and I hope I'm wrong.

  breadwinner 13:32 24 Mar 2008

Yes done all the checks. I'm clean as a whistle.
Now though my speed touch modem is not working on one usb port so I've switched it to another and it's ok again. This is just getting more & more confusing.
I signed up with tiscali on 22/02/08 and have still not recieved wireless router, modem or any software so as far as they're concerned I would still not be online. I borrowed tiscali software disc from friend and I had my modem already form when I was with orange. How do I get out of this

  rawprawn 13:41 24 Mar 2008

You might be able to get out of the contract because they haven't supplied you Router or software which they said they would

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