Tiscali Broadband

  micemews 16:10 29 Mar 2006

During every session that I am on line with Tiscali Broadband the connection fails at least once. Does anyone have similar experiences with Tiscali or other ISP. Is this a fault of Tiscali or could it be a fault of my BT landline.

  ened 16:31 29 Mar 2006

I had this once and it turned out to be an underground fault.

The problem was that BT tested the line and the result was okay.

They said that if an engineer came out and found nothing wrong I would have to pay.

Before that of course I take it that you have set up the connection NOT to disconnect if idle for any length of time.

  rawprawn 16:41 29 Mar 2006

I am with Tiscali and I used to have problems with the Sagem modem they supplied, sometimes it wouldn't connect. I got myself a D Link Ethernet ADSL Modem and I have had no problems since
click here
I am not sure the problem was the same,but it solved my problem

  surfmonkey #:@} 16:53 29 Mar 2006

im with tiscali too not had any major probs like line dropping had a BB speed issue with then once but up till now only been disconnected for 3 times in 2 years

  Pineman100 18:02 29 Mar 2006

I've been on Tiscali Broadband for about 9 months, and I must say I have had no problems at all. The Sagem modem worked fine from day 1, and since I changed to a wireless router/bb modem I have an always-on connection that never seems to fail - and I'm in a rural area.

Will those be famous last words?!

  taffyal 18:05 29 Mar 2006

I had this problem. Tiscali had no idea what to do! BT tested line & found it OK. They did fit me a new front to my phone socket, with a built in filter.I had already demanded a new modem from Tisc, instead of the Sagem. They sent me a Speedtouch. Touch wood, all has been fine for 3 days.But dont know what fixed it, as modem & socket were fitted same day.Many people say Sagem is OK, indeed Id had no probs for 9Months. Some say both are rubbish, but its a cheaper alternative to a modem/router out of yr own pocket. Have to say, when things go wrong, Tiscali are absolutely hopeless! No ideas, & language probs as well!

  Stuartli 19:56 29 Mar 2006

Have you installed the latest Sagem [email protected] 800 drivers from:

click here

It's the W.3.0.4b version for Windows that is required.

If you haven't installed these drivers make sure you select Tiscali after it has removed the present drivers setup.

Another sticking point, but not always, can be if you use a telephone extension and then attach the USB modem's lead to it. This can cause disconnections.

The answer is to spend about £8 on a USB modem cable that will reach the Master Socket so it can be plugged straight into the splitter.

  bluto1 20:05 29 Mar 2006

I`ve only been with Tiscali since mid January and got cut off from the internet once. The strange thing is that I was downloading an update for A squared, so was actively using my connection. I`ve noticed that when I close some programmes I get the pop up asking if I should stay connected or disconnect. A bit off putting, as the programme has nothing to do with Tiscali.
I have a `speedtouch` modem, and apart from only being cut off once I`ve not had any other real problems.

  Eric half-bee 23:15 29 Mar 2006


I used to have this problem regularly. I don't get it at all now, but I can't tell you which of these two methods solved the problem. I switched to my old ISP's modem and software and used TCO Optimiser click here

It might also be worth checking to maje sure none of you software is closing your connection (hang-up when send complete sort of thing)

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