Tiscali Broadband at £15.99 a month

  Halmer 13:36 16 Dec 2003

up to 150kbps with a free modem but £25 set up fee.

Is this comparable (speed wise etc.) with say BT?

  MAJ 13:40 16 Dec 2003

BT's BB is 512kbps which is 4 times faster than the Tiscali one you mentioned, Halmer. I'm on Tiscali 256 at £20/month and it's excellent. Download speeds of 32KB/s usually but at the moment my download speeds are 60KB/s which is full speed (I think they've made a mistake somewhere. :0)

  rickf 14:37 16 Dec 2003

Pay £5 more and go for Plusnet Home with 512mb transfer. I have had no probs at all with them.
£15.99 is 150mb with Tiscali, not worth the price you pay. Your ping would be very high when you want to interact with other net users like games. At this high ping you won't be able to do it.

  Stuartli 17:03 16 Dec 2003

The only saving grace of the 150kbps service is that for a pound more than Tiscali's AnyTime dialup, you get the main advantages of broadband literally being available 24/7 and retaining use of the phone.

For less than £23 you can enjoy genuine broadband through Pipex, backed by its vast knowledge and resources, which has been one of the UK's dominant business (as well as domestic) ISPs since 1991.

click here

  Pesala 17:06 16 Dec 2003

It compares almost exactly with NTL Home broadband 150K at £17.99 a month, but no setup charge (one year contract) = same price for one year. 150K is adquate for browsing and downloading, uploading, but not for streaming video, inter-active gaming, etc. Like NTL, Tiscali seems to rate low on customer service when you have problems.

Same old story. You get what you pay for. You could take a look at Pipex.

  bruno 18:08 16 Dec 2003

I have recently gone on to Metronet pay as you go.£11.75 for 200Mb/month.If you go over that limit it is a quarter of a penny/1Mb.Price capped at £23.99.If you use the internet like me it is very cheap,but if you are a heavy downloader it will not be so cheap.512 kbps speed and excellent service.You need to buy your own modem and pay a connection fee.

  Halmer 19:58 17 Dec 2003

and sorry for the delay in getting back.

So I can get Plus Net 512kbps at £20.99 with no set up costs?

Can anyone offer a better deal than this for 512kbps please?

I'll also have a look at Pipex etc.

  Pesala 20:28 17 Dec 2003

click here for some useful advice and links.

  TommyRed 21:21 17 Dec 2003

I'll add this to 'my postings' for when I'm ready to get BB. TR

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