Tiscali Broadband 128Kbps

  OK Computer 11:00 15 Oct 2003

I recently saw the offer for Tiscali 128K broadband at £15.99/month. This is exactly what I wanted so I entered my phone number only to receive a message saying that I was not within a acceptable range of my BT exchange.

I then went onto bt.com and entered my phone number there, they said that although my Although the length of the telephone line between you and the exchange is quite long, you may be able to receive broadband ADSL. (at 512kbps).

I'm slightly confused therefore I rang Tiscali to ask if was simply a case that there records were out of date. Only to be told that infact my phone number is too far away to receive 128kbps I could however receive (and pay for!) 256kbps....

Is this right? Why would I be able to recieve 256 but not 128???

  MichelleC 12:07 15 Oct 2003

The bt site info is only a guestimate -'may be able' - (based on 256 as being the usual transfer rate). If you went through bt they may confirm you couldn't on 256 or 128. Anything over 5 miles from digital exchange is maybe, depending on type of cables etc. But it's worth pursuing, and this link may help: click here

  OK Computer 12:15 15 Oct 2003

This is the confusing thing. Tiscali will give me 256kbps, but not 128kbps. Why not? Surely if im within distance for one im within distance for all, especially when i want the option of less bandwidth!

Thanks for the link, I will check it out now.

  OK Computer 20:28 15 Oct 2003

anyone any ideas???

  The Sack 21:56 15 Oct 2003

512kbs works up to 6km'ish providing a perfect line using RADSL (rate adaptive digital subscriber line) So anything below will also work as it is only the upstream that is effected, until you have a whoosh test done to check for line loss and then a test done for capacitance you will never know. Joints in the line affect it, aluminium in the line affects it, and even the weather affects it. You will never know until you place the order and you get a yeah or nay.

  OK Computer 08:07 16 Oct 2003

But am I right in thinking that Tiscali will refuse to take my order?

Are there any other ISP's offering 128-150kbps?

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