Tiscali B/B without BT

  ruskle 19:38 28 Oct 2005

I have 2 properties (a) & (b), Tiscali B/B on (B) but only £4 a quarter phone calls & big rental for line. I transferred the B/B to property (a) and cancelled the BT service on (b),
A week later I checked (b) and find a dial tone but no phone service, I tried Tiscali B/B and it connected but wouldn't let me in as it was now registered to property (a). I am thinking of having Tiscali transfer the B/B back to property (b) which is where I prefer it but as I use it for buisness I do not want to be without it while they transfer it back. I have been told that Tiscali fits its own equipment into BT exchanges so I wonder if the B/B will work without BT, Any comments, I would like to save the expense of a little used phone line.


  johnnyrocker 19:46 28 Oct 2005

whilst it may be tiscali equipment in the exchange it will be in that which is known as 'shared space' and comes under the heading of local loop unbundling and as such you will still have to have a bt line.


  ruskle 20:08 28 Oct 2005

Sorry Johnny, maybe I didn't express myself too clearly, what I mean is that it seems possible to have Tiscali Broadband without paying BT a line rental, after all I still get a dial tone but after I dial the first digit I get a tone and no more. When I tried Tiscali B/B I actually got connected but no service as I had transferred it to my other property. I appreciate I will need a wire from my exchange to my property.


  Jackcoms 20:48 28 Oct 2005

So, you believe that you can use BT's equipment (lines, exchanges, etc) without paying them for line rental?

And pigs might fly ....

  i.tech 21:00 28 Oct 2005

All ISP's require you to have a specific type of line first - they will all be BT or NTL Cable (Other providers such as Toucan for example still go over BT Lines). Tiscali requires a BT line - which means paying line rental to BT (unfortunatly).

  ruskle 21:18 28 Oct 2005

Just to put this subject to rest I have asked Tiscali to provide Broadband to the property which has had the BT phone disconnected ( and still has a dial tone and the final bill has been paid £1.54). Watch this space !

Russell, tongue in cheek and baited breath, after all I do draw a pension.

  Daveboy 21:35 28 Oct 2005

You have "soft dial tone", this makes it a simple task to re-activate to full service. Broad band service is specific to your line, they have not removed the link to your old exch eqipment hence b/b still syncs up-but your service has been provided to the other property via new exchange equipment. (SERVICE SPECIFIC BARRING).

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