Tiscali B/B Speeds conflict.

  ruskle 16:44 04 Nov 2005

I have just been checking my Tiscal Broadband speeds using a reputable test site and the results are as follows. 262144kbps, the page says that my bandwidth is 256.00 Mbps and I can download from their servers at 32 mb/sec. I pay for 1Mb. My Wi Fi link is showing 48 Mbps and signal is Excellent. This test has been done 5 times now using 2 different Laptops and the results only vary be a few percent each time. Does any of this make sense?
I realise that the Wi Fi link does not make the B/B any faster.


  ruskle 16:49 04 Nov 2005

Just a follow up to my Query, the PC,s are downloading at a good speed,no problems at all. just mentioned that because I have been reading mail from other Advisor users complaining about slow speeds

  Chegs ® 17:13 04 Nov 2005

click here Tiscali's own tester.If it states your connection slow,it gives you a reference number to give to Tiscali's Tech Support.

  PaulB2005 17:14 04 Nov 2005

What is it doesn't complete?

  PaulB2005 17:14 04 Nov 2005

See click here to see what i mean....

  Stuartli 17:55 04 Nov 2005

I have always stood up for Tiscali as generally its customer service has been average to good but even I'm starting to get thoroughly sick of the company (see my thread about its BB service since the "service enhancements" of Monday).

See towards the bottom of this link:

click here

along with:

click here

click here

There are dozens of others.

  ruskle 19:27 04 Nov 2005

What I am getting at is, how can I be getting a speed of 32Mb/sec, with a bandwidth of 256.0 Mbs surely something is a miss and yes the figures are as I coppied them from Tiscali Test page.

I have no complants abou the speed I am recieving from Tiscali. 90% f the people around me are on NTL cable phone and Tv etc. I suppose I am sharing a BB with no body else.


  Stuartli 19:36 04 Nov 2005

When I originally switched from DayTimePlus to BB with Tiscali back in April I was getting up to 2.3MB and even better on occasions for about six weeks.

Even more remarkable was that I had a 1MB connection at the time...:-)

However, since last Monday's "service enhancements" by Tiscali following an e-mail last week advising it was to take place (not everyone using the same exchange and with Tiscali as their ISP got the e-mail), my 2MB connection is now down to below 200kbps from early evening onwards.

Have you seen this thread at all?

click here

  ruskle 19:56 04 Nov 2005

I think you are missing my point, or is it me who reads it wrong.

How can I be getting the speeds that the Tiscali site is saying when I only have a 1MB line.
This test has been done 10 times now and only varies by a few percent, using 2 laptops. I mean my W Fi won't even TX data at anywhere near that speed. Once more I am not complaining about the speed I am recieving files etc, Inc MP3's which is as good as it has ever been.

  ruskle 19:57 04 Nov 2005

Yes I have been reading all other postings regarding Tiscali and they all seem to be complaining about a slow service but I have no complaints.


  Chegs ® 20:14 04 Nov 2005

Run the Tiscali test and please copy/paste the result from the top of the page,like this....

"which means you can download at 96.15 KB/sec. from our servers."

If this line of text states Mbs and not KB's,I will be on the phone to BT/Tiscali forthwith to ask why they state the fastest connections available at most addresses in the UK is 2.3Mbs(excepting those exchanges with LLU) ;-)

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