Tiscali BB and Phone calls

  Jackcoms 15:45 23 Aug 2005

Have I missed the point or is this too good to be true?

I currently use Tiscali's 2Mb BB unlimited service for £17.99 a month.

For an extra 4 quid (£21.99 total) they are offering me the same 2Mb unlimited BB plus FREE anytime phone calls to 'normal' UK inland telephone numbers (those starting 01 or 02).

Obviously I still pay line rental to BT, I can still use BT services such as 1471, 1571 and call minder and BT are still responsible for my line maintenance.

I keep my existing 'phone number, there are no prefixes to dial and no boxes to plug in.

Is it that good or have I missed something? ;-)

  rawprawn 18:29 23 Aug 2005

Hi Craig, They are offering me the same deal (But as you know my speed is only 512) It all depends how much you spend on your phone (Dialling out that is) For me it works out that there is actually no difference and no saving, but we only spend about £12 a quarter on actual dialling out. Don't forget to take accounrt of VAT on both alternatives.

  Jackcoms 19:06 23 Aug 2005


Hi, thanks for that. You seem to have confirmed what I thought.

Tiscali are effectively saying that they'll charge me £4 per month (Tiscali's prices are VAT inclusive) for my dialled calls.

With 2 teenage daughters in the house, that's a damn good deal for me!!

  Stuartli 19:20 23 Aug 2005

Your Tiscali 2MB service is not unlimited, it has a 15GB a month cap.

Tiscali's AnyTime Saver is £7.99 a month yet its £19.99 a month BB + phone service was only 512kbps or 1MB BB if I remember correctly - it now seems to have been withdrawn:

click here

  Jackcoms 19:30 23 Aug 2005


I was on the 2Mb 15Gb cap at £19.99 until yesterday when I checked (as I regularly do) what alternatives were available to me.

Surprise, surprise I was being offered 2Mb UNCAPPED at £17.99.

Needless to say, I snapped it up right away!

Having checked back today, the change has already kicked in.

I'm now on 2Mb unlimited at £17.99.

  bukkaz 20:28 23 Aug 2005

Same here. Saw the £21.99 offer. Contacted them and half an hour later checked and it was at 2mbs.
Yet someone I know who works in IT was telling me, yes OK but Tiscali are rubbish. Why? I asked. They just are he replied. Some people seem to have a dislike of Tiscali but as I've said on here before, you can only speak as you find and 1 occasion when I couldn't connect for a couple of hours in 3 years ia not bad in my opinion.

  Jackcoms 20:38 23 Aug 2005

"They just are he replied"

I think you can safely ignore his/her comments. Hardly a qualified opinion. A Tiscali user is he??

I've been using Tiscali since they were screaming.net, then World Online and then Tiscali. I've used their dial-up, 512k BB, 1Mb BB and now 2Mb BB (about 7 years in total I guess).

I have no complaints. The only occasion I was offline for about 4 hours in all those years turned out to be BT upgrading my exchange - nothing to do with Tiscali at all.

Tiscali are one of the world's biggest ISPs - so they must be doing something right. ;-)

  Completealias 20:41 23 Aug 2005

Cheers Jackcoms having just read your post I too check the tiscali website and was being offered 2mb unlimited for the same price as my 15gig cap so I've just signed up as well.

I'm not too fussed about the phone calls options and I get free caller display with BT as long as I continue to make calls on there service so this works for me. You may wish to check out and see if you will still get 1571 for free if you do make calls on the BT service anymore.

  Completealias 20:42 23 Aug 2005

That should say do not

  Stuartli 23:16 23 Aug 2005

Tiscali is still offering the 2MB + 15GB cap at £17.99, a £2 reduction, on its website.

I took advantage of the 1MB to 2MB service recently at no extra cost, but this was offered to both existing and new subscribers.

Ironically, just after I switched from DayTime Plus to 1MB, Tiscali offered me it at a £1 a month less by e-mail but, because I had already signed up, would not honour it...:-)

Like you I've been with WorldOnline and then Tiscali - originally I signed up because WOL delivered AnyTime dialup Internet use, cheap phone calls and included the then BT line rental charge of £9.27 for the amazing price of £14.99 a month.

Not surprisingly Tiscali soon put a stop to such nonsense when it took over...:-(

  Stuartli 23:20 23 Aug 2005

Tiscali is currently still offering the £19.99 BB and phone calls offer with 1MB and 2GB cap, so you've got a bargain...:-)

click here

However, it seems to change its offers every few days, each one being better than before.

Long may it continue....

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