Tiscali AUP, How do I agree to it???

  Dorsai 20:15 14 Mar 2005


I have activated my Tiscali personal web space. I know the relevent details (I think) to upload my web-site to it, but when my FTP client tries to connect I get told:

Response: 220-

Response: Tiscali UK Ltd

Response: Customer web page upload service


Response: You need to read and understand the Acceptable Use Policy

Response: before using this service


Response: Please login using your full account name e.g.


Response: [email protected] lineone.net [email protected] screaming.net

Response: [email protected] tiscali.co.uk [email protected] worldonline.co.uk


Response: 220 ProFTPD 1.2.2 Server (Tiscali UK) [mk-myweb-1. click here]

SO I guess I have to read and agree to their AUP. OK no problem, but can anyone tell me how on earth I actually do this?

I have found it (the AUP) click here, but cant find it when I am logged on to agree to it.


  Dorsai 18:50 15 Mar 2005

It helps to enter the logon on details correctly in the FTP program. D'Oh.

The message about the AUP had nothing to do with it.
certianly led me up the garden path for a day.

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