Tiscali- am I the only one with no complaints?

  bukkaz 03:22 15 Feb 2005

I keep reading on here and other forums a constant barrage of complaints against Tiscali. I've been with them for 3 years, 1 on dial-up and 2 broadband and so far have had twice when I couldn't connect, once for a couple of hours and once for about 6 hours. Apart from that I log on straight away and can only think of a couple of occasions I've been disconnected but even those I think were down to programmes I was running. Speed tests today ranged from 456 to 484 download and 244-256 uploads, which I find satisfactory. It just seems strange to me, all these complaints when i've had no problems. Have I just been lucky? Or is it tiscali get more people complaining because they have a lot of customers compared to some of the companies a lot of these people complaining recommend instead?
Not the most vital thing, but would be interested to see what others have to say.

  Jackcoms 07:21 15 Feb 2005

I'm with you on this. No real complaints.

I've been with them since they were Screaming.net then World Online and, finally, Tiscali.

That's about 4 or 5 years on dial-up and 10 months on 512k BB. I upgraded to 1mb BB yesterday and am waiting for the new speed to kick in - hopefully sometime today.

Tiscali are a huge ISP across Europe and, yes, they do get a lot of flack. But, I think that's because they have a damn sight more customers than many other ISPs.

And, probably, some people are not happy unless they're wingeing. ;-)

  Diodorus Siculus 07:26 15 Feb 2005

They probably generate more complaints simply by virtue of the huge numbers of customers they have. If 1% of a million customers complain it will obviously be many more than 5% of 10,000 customers.

  Meshuga 07:41 15 Feb 2005

I`ve been with tiscali since they took over lineone and have no complaints. I think that the majority of complaints have been because of their inability to send bills on time causing backlogs and their reluctance to answer queries. I also think that another cause was over rapid expansion.

  Jackcoms 07:49 15 Feb 2005

They also seem to have sorted out their billing problems now, For many, many months they didn't produce any bills or claim any money!

My last two monthly bills have appeared on time AND the money has actually been claimed from my bank account on the stated day.

  Mike D 11:23 15 Feb 2005

I'm touching a large piece of wood ... I have been with them since April last year on 256 service. I up(down?)graded to 256 @ £17.99 in May. Two weeks ago I upgraded to 512mb @£19.99 - all done within 24 hours. No speed problems, no drop outs. One happy chappie.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:04 15 Feb 2005

Never had a problem with them and I was one of the first Screaming.net customers (still have the original Screaming.net email addy;-)) ) I have only needed to contact their accounts on one occasion and the matter was dealt with immediately.

I'm on 512k but due to the area that I live in the much advertised 1Mb connection seems to be a tad reluctant to appear (there is not even gas or cable here). On the bonus side, I have just reduced my payments to £19.99 a month, I use a 2Mb connection when working and loading of webpages seems no different to 512k so I don't think that I am missing anything. Streaming radio and TV seem the samer on 512k as on 2Mb. Downloading AVG updates takes 5 seconds instead of 3 but this is something that I can live with. ;-)))) I would not move provider unless I had to...better the devil you know.


  [email protected] 13:23 15 Feb 2005

Continental [or should that be European] view, no problems with them either for 2yrs.

  Stuartli 13:30 15 Feb 2005

I started with WorldOnline early in 1999 (still have a worldonline.co.uk e-mail address) and also have very few complaints about its service - even the occasional query is answered within 24 hours.

The reason I originally joined was because I had been on a PAYG (+ monthly fee) dialup service since 1996 and it proved quite expensive.

By joining WorldOnline I got 24/7 access, cheaper phone calls and my monthly line rental of £9.27 paid for the remarkable inclusive price of £14.99 a month.

In effect, I got 24/7 access for £6 a month...:-)

Not surprisingly Tiscali quickly realised it was not a viable proposition after it took WorldOnline over.

  bfc_tangerine 13:55 15 Feb 2005

I was with them its now a swear word in our house'they were incapable of the simple task moving our broadband to our new address.
After 2 & half months and alot of money in call costs we closed our contract with them.
They ask us our old address & our new one every time we phoned and promised us it was being dealt with top priority and it will be back on in 10 working days.
In desperation we rung there accounts department spoke to someone who could speak clear english,which was a relieve not to repeat you self continually, he told us to write to there main office in England we did they never replied.
Nearly a year with blueyonder now had no probs with costomer support.
Still waiting for them to take us to court for breaking the contract like they promised to do if we did,same i was looking foward to that.
Maybe that isp are all right until you want to move.

  bfc_tangerine 13:57 15 Feb 2005


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