Tiscali 512k very very slow......

  [DS] [email protected] 13:27 29 Aug 2004

right...im getting very annoyed with tiscali at the mo. I used to have the 150k connection from them and after receiving a good service decided to stick with them when i upgraded to 512k. The first few months were good and i received download speeds of around 50KB/s. About 3-4 months a go the speed dropped and since then never goes above 30KB/s. I have run the test from the tiscali site and it says on average that my current bandwidth reading is 250.00-260.00kbps. Now surely that is not good enough?

I rang up about a month ago and after an hour of waiting in line, a woman answered went through a load of procedures that didn't work and then said she was going to check something and the phone went dead. I thought there is no way im going to sit here for another hour waiting for this!

So does anybody here no of what it could be? I am not using the sagem modem what was supplied as i have a home network (although i did install that to see if it was my modem but still got download rates of 30KBs). The modem i am using is an origo adsl router ASR-8400 series.

Any help would be great....Danny

  _plAsma 13:48 29 Aug 2004

I cant really help you here but i just thought i'd say that i think tiscali is the worst ISP ive ever seen in my life. I used to have dial up access with them ages ago and it was the worst service ever, it was SO slow! most of the time pages wouldnt even load! (i know dialup obviousley is rather slow compared to todays speeds - but not this slow.) bieng on dialup, no contract, i was able to run away from them quickly! i would change isp as soon as you can :p

  Dorsai 14:27 29 Aug 2004

Never had a problem with tiscali me.

But the download speed you mention rang a bell. see page 123 of issue 111 pcadvisor.

to parafrase, adsl home useres share a 'virtual circuit' with a max of 50 other home users. this circuit has a bandwith of about 17Mbps. so if all 50 are online at once, they get 1/50th of the avaliable bandwith each. IE slightly less than 340Kbps. this would seem to be about what you are getting. It just might be that your curciut is 'full'.

try it at 4am in the morning, when many of the other possible users will be in bed, and see if things speed up.

  [DS] [email protected] 14:37 29 Aug 2004

yea ive tried it at all times through the day and at 2.00am. The speeds still seem to be the same. Thanks for help though

  Djohn 14:41 29 Aug 2004

Not sure on how this contention ratio works but the fact that all 50 are on line at the same time shouldn't make much difference unless they are all downloading at the same time, or have I misunderstood the contention thing.

My download or surfing speed never changes, no matter what time of day or night I'm on-line so either I'm the only person with broadband in my area or all the others don't use their connection.

I was under the impression that it was the ISP's that were overloading their servers by more than the allowed amount that causes the slowdown. My ISP guarantees never to exceed the contention ratio on it's servers.

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