Tips/advice on what i should upgrade on my pc?

  Ze Spaceship 20:49 17 Jun 2018

Tips/advice on what i should upgraHi , i built this pc last summer and i don't know if i should upgrade something or not. I don't really care that much about ultra settings but it's still welcome if at a reasonable price (that's why i bought a 1050 TI since its good and cheap at the same time). , with my birthday approaching i will have some extra money to spend (not much tho) and i don't really have anything on my mind and thought maybe i could upgrade something in my pc to be able to continually play games that don't require much (like LOL , Fortnite...) fast at good settings , but also be able to play the new upcoming games smoothly at average or good settings.

All comments or little help are welcome and appreciated! Thanks in advance


Imgur of my pc and the specs boxes i still have :

click here specs summary :

click here Also I live in Morocco/Africa , so i would prefer people not linking some amazon or other shopping websites links that don't ship to Morocco ,that much ,unless it's just for informational purposes)de on my pc?

Full (PS:

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