Tips for unclogging printer jets?

  cyberphobic 06:15 07 Jul 2004

My Epson C62 is not printing colour properly - lots of banding, I have cleaned the printheads and nozzlez countless times but it still isn't right. My daughter's GCSE geography coursework has got to be handed in tomorrow and I'm struggling to print it properly. Does anyone have any tips that have worked for them please?

  Meshuga 06:40 07 Jul 2004

My C62 does this ocassionally and I use a cleaning cartridge to clear it. You can get them from your usual supplier for about £6. This isn`t going to get your work done for tomorrow though. Epson are notorious for this happenning. What make of cartridges are you using and are they original or compatible ones. Some compatibles can clog jets if not used frequently. Meshuga.

  €dstowe 06:40 07 Jul 2004

Considering the urgency and importance involved here, either borrow another printer or take a disc of the work to another computer and sort it out that way.

Head cleaning can be time consuming and fiddly but, I'm sure someone will be along soon with their method to help you clean the heads - which won't be so urgent then.

  Sarah-294314 09:17 07 Jul 2004

I use the SSC Service Utility.
click here

It saved me from binning my Epson 680. The power cleaning is excellent and did the trick in unclogging the nozzles.

  golfpro 09:39 07 Jul 2004

I had the same problem with my canon S750 just recently, I tried everything but to no avail, until I took the printer head out and with a paper tishoo wiped the head free of all the gunge and cleand the contacts. After that it was fine.
Don't know if this will work with the Epson though.

  Sans le Sou 09:51 07 Jul 2004

What paper and dpi are you using. Sometimes using premium paper with a higher dpi printing mode can avoid the banding. Does the nozzle check indicate cleaning is required?

  cyberphobic 21:00 07 Jul 2004

I think what I need to do in the long term is
a) do more colour printing!
b) buy a head cleaner

I've used Choice cartridges for a couple of years and they've always been good (having managed to resist the ones on offer at my local Dixons for 28 quid!) By changing cartridges and doing even more head cleaning I eventually managed to get the print to a standard which my daughter found acceptable!Thanks again

  Indigo 1 21:07 07 Jul 2004
  Dorsai 21:16 07 Jul 2004

Is the C62 a printer that has the print heads built in? I ask this as i have not got this printer.

I do have a C84, and this does have built in print heads (IE they are not part of the ink tank), so i assume that these printer are the same, and the print head jets are not replaced with the ink tanks.

If this is the case i can only recommend prnting a colour page at least once a week to keep the ink 'flowing' so to speak, and prevent the ink drying up within the print head. I have had this problem in the past with other brand printers, but it could be solved by getting a new ink tank, as these printers had the jets built into the tank, so a new tank has clean jets, that had not become blocked by dry ink.

  Glyn-252301 21:34 07 Jul 2004

The link that Alwaystired1 mentioned seems dead hope this ones ok./click here

  cyberphobic 23:37 07 Jul 2004

Thanks very much

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