Tips for Tidy PC?

  Air_Man 10:33 10 Apr 2007

I've just built a new system and it is now a mass of cables - blocking fans and generally preventing me wanting to go back in there.

There must be some way of reducing the mess of cables and generally keeping the case tidy to provide easy access for troubleshooting/upgrading (I've got a dodgy sata drive that frequently needs the sata cable removing and replacing!).

Anyone got any tips on techniques/equipment that I could use to keep the air flowing and components accessible.

Sorry this isn't a life or death thread but it might be a bit of light relief :-)


Basic Setup
ATI 1950 Pro PCI-e GPU (long bugger)
2 x sata HDD
PCI capture card

  wee eddie 10:58 10 Apr 2007

If you want to spend money, you can buy "Cable Ties"

  birdface 11:40 10 Apr 2007

I think it's Cable Tidy you call it,It winds around all your other cables just making it the one cable that shows And probably easier to hide,Can bought at PC World and other computer stores,Wee Eddie has come up with a couple of things to use,[Lets try and spell this ]Sellutape [any how you know what I mean,]Anybody got any cheaper ideas,

  wee eddie 11:51 10 Apr 2007

In at the Front bottom.

Out at the Back top.

I am not certain that an input fan makes any sense at all as a sufficiently strong fan at the Top Rear will draw in all you need.

Position the fins of the CPU's heat exchange unit in the line of the airflow so that air flows between them.

  Air_Man 12:16 10 Apr 2007

Thx all. I must admit that I am using cable ties where possible ATM but they only do so much. The cable tidy sounds like a good idea though.

One problem seems to be that the length of some of the cables mean that they have to take the shortest route (right across the centre of the MOBO) to the front components. Are the lengths standard or can you get longer ones/extensions that could be routed around the outside?

Also, can I tie (the other) cables that are too long back on themselves (I know this can cause problems with external power cables)?


  birdface 14:35 10 Apr 2007

I have only seen the Cable Tidy on TV and have never used it,But what I could see ,You could cut it to the size that you want,Maybe someone on here does use it and will let us know if its any good.

  Air_Man 16:47 10 Apr 2007

Thx eveyone. I'll pop down my local Maplin and see if they have any of the bits suggested (and I'll raid the kitchen draw to see if we have any string!!).

  Technotiger 17:23 10 Apr 2007

Hi, another simple and cheap way to tidy cables - use Gardeners plastic ties, the type where you put one end through a loop on the other end and pull over the notches.

  Legolas 18:11 10 Apr 2007

Use the round IDE cables rather than the flat ribbon cables this might give you more room click here

  Totally-braindead 18:19 10 Apr 2007

Internally if you can try to feed the cables under the motherboard very tidy if you have the length also get rounded IDE cables, smaller and less restricting to the airflow. Any other cables try to tie them away with tie wraps.

  birdface 18:39 10 Apr 2007

Oops Got it wrong,I thought that you were talking about all the cables outside the computer,I hope I got you before you went to maplins. Sorry.

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