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  paulus69 14:21 16 Apr 2006

Hi all, I thought I'd introduce myself, I've been into pc's for years, although switched to a less hardware based role about 3 years ago and thus am not as informed on the techie side of computing as I used to be.

I've just got myself a laptop through work, a athlon 64 3400+, 1gb ram and a ATI M200 GFX. Although it runs normal XP applications fine, its a bit sluggish in the most basic of games (Half-life 2, C&C Generals etc) and these are games that I run on my main PC which is much lower specced.

I have so far been unable to track down GFX drivers to update the current ones and have checked click here, and cannot track down the right one.

Any pointers on how to speed my laptop up?

Many thanks

click here

  Giggle n' Bits 14:32 16 Apr 2006

Have your tried for drivers ?
Also a good configuration of Windows would help, disk clean-up, defrag, reg clean.

  remind 14:43 16 Apr 2006

Is it the usual catalyst drivers or specific ones for that chipset? if it's the former go here click here

  DrScott 17:34 16 Apr 2006

The drivers there will make a big difference.

  paulus69 10:03 17 Apr 2006

well i've just tried the new drivers and its made no difference, there isn't much installed on it to slow it down as its pretty new.

It crawls playing games like C&C generals and half-life 2, both of which played on my home pc (Athlon 2600+, Geforce 2 GTS and 512mb ram), so can't see why it runs so badly on this laptop.

  ICF 10:10 17 Apr 2006

What graphics card do you have in the PC?

  paulus69 10:17 17 Apr 2006

in the laptop its a ati radeon 200m using 128 mb of shared memory, in my home pc its a nvidia geforce gts which is 6 years old, whilst my laptop is a week old!

  Smiler 12:15 17 Apr 2006

I would say that the shared ram is the key to your problem. But how to get around it??

  remind 12:34 17 Apr 2006

Not a very powerful graphics chipset - equivalent to the x300, bottom of the current ATI desktop range, although even that should be on a par your GF2.
It's also true HL2 struggles even with a full 512mb, sharing 128mb of that would strangle it.

  paulus69 13:48 17 Apr 2006

I think you mis understood me, my laptop has 1 gb of ram and only 128 of that is shared with the gfx. I didn't expect to play games on it alot, but expected it to run games like counter strike and generals on the low settings and not stutter and struggle.

Anymore sugggestions?

  DrScott 21:10 18 Apr 2006

Might be worth speaking to the manufacturer of the laptop, or e-mailing them. It certainly sounds a bit strange that your laptop should struggle so much - however, some games don't link any kind of intergrated sound or graphics - e.g. Black & White - and that might be part, or all, of the problem.

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