TIP - Stopping the Blaster Countdown

  [DELETED] 21:24 14 Aug 2003

If you PC (or someone else's) starts the shutdown countdown you can terminate this by quickly doing the following:

1) Hold down WinKey (Windows Flag Key) and hit R
2) Run dialogue box pops up
3) Type "shutdown -a" (no quotes) and hit Enter

This command aborts the countdown and MAY allow you time to get the patch.

  [DELETED] 22:14 14 Aug 2003

because it involves DCOM (which i reckon everyone should turn off anyway) dont you only get the countdown when you connect to the net? Plus if your firewall is configured correctly you should never see the messege.

  [DELETED] 22:18 14 Aug 2003

click here and click here;[LN];825750 to diable this function in windows.

  [DELETED] 22:19 14 Aug 2003

Thats great if a) you how to do both and b) you have the time c) you do them BEFORE the virus strikes...

It was just a heads up as a simple way to stop the shutdown. As we've seen many people didn't even have a month old patch installed let alone a Firewall. At least with this snippet something can be done quickly rather than worrying abiout DCOM (which you reckon everyone should turn off anyway) and configuring Firewalls.

  [DELETED] 22:21 14 Aug 2003

try this click here;[LN];825750

  mammak 22:29 14 Aug 2003

you lovely people are freaking me out now , check
i have downloaded the relevent patch from ms,
made sure my AV is up to date, and firewall enabled, and and MS advice enabled me wins internet firewall, for dialup, have i done everything i should, there is no trace of the virus on task manager or registry,am i ok folks
if not i am getting of the net now. Mammmk

  [DELETED] 22:32 14 Aug 2003

follow it from the first ie.click here this will take you there.

Jester2K ..good advice for those infected and especially for those who don,t want to be in the future!

  [DELETED] 22:33 14 Aug 2003

If you've done everything suggested you should be fine. The patch alone should stop it, but the extra things will help prevent other virus' (or virii? I never know which) from attacking you.

  [DELETED] 22:37 14 Aug 2003

Its Virii

The patch will stop it but these things don't go away over night and you might get a call from someone......

  [DELETED] 22:52 14 Aug 2003

Virii funny!

  [DELETED] 23:20 14 Aug 2003

heck its like getting ready for war

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