TIP: Search an Entire Website

  Pesala 11:03 21 Aug 2003

Maybe some website creation programs have this facility, but I don't think it is in mine. My website has 106 pages and some 1260 HTML files.

I just realised that one can use Windows Explorer to search for a file containing any word. Select the directory, right-click, and search. It takes just a few seconds to find the files I need to edit, and not much longer to edit them in Notepad. Then I know at once which pages I need to search and edit in Net Objects Fusion.

  Forum Editor 23:12 21 Aug 2003

of NOF you have, but mine (version 7.0) has a 'Find' tool with which you can search for (and if necessary replace) a word or words in the site text.

  barryoneoff.co.uk 00:48 22 Aug 2003

do you need to edit them in Notepad? With NOF you can edit 'in situe'. If you were to edit everything in Notepad why use a WYSIWYG application? No offence, but are you using the program correctly?

Cheers, Whiz...

  Pesala 08:44 22 Aug 2003

F.E. I'm still using Version 2.02 for my website, and version 4 only for new stuff. Neither has the ability to search the entire site. As I said, maybe some website creation packages have this ability, but not mine.

Whiz. you're just an HTML snob. Not everyone wants to hand-code their website, any more than everyone wants to hand build a PC. Having found the errors in Windows Explorer and edited the html in Notepad, I know which page(s) I also need to edit in NOF.

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