A tip (perhaps) on 'click here'

  Kenneth-266656 20:46 05 Sep 2005

There are dozens of excellent sites that often appear if you follow 'click here'. If you are only looking out of interest chances are you haven't got time to stay and read up in detail.
OK one option is to bung it your Favourites but that means ending up with loads to go through.
This is probably 'teaching granny to suck eggs' but here goes.
When you go online have Word or similar running and minimised. If you come across a good link you want to study in detail click on the address and then Edit-Save. Minimise internet page(s)
maximise Word (or similar) click Edit-Paste. Add any quick comment then minimise and return to net.

  BT 08:50 06 Sep 2005

I use this idea all the time, but I use notepad as I always have it in the left hand side of the task bar and only load it up if I require it.

  Diodorus Siculus 08:54 06 Sep 2005

If you use Firefox, there is an extension to copy the URL and page description; then paste that where you want to save it.

PC Advisor - Expert Advice you can trust | Discussion
click here

This, for example, is what comes from PCA - enough to give you an idea of what you have bookmarked.

  xania 08:55 06 Sep 2005

I frequently do the same - only I use e-mail especially if I spot the link at work and want to stoe it at home.

What we really need is an indexed link forum. FE?

  Skills 12:36 06 Sep 2005

What is that firefox exstension and where did you find it? It looks rather handy and I could do with something like that.


  Diodorus Siculus 13:48 06 Sep 2005

Mozilla Update :: Extensions -- More Info:Copy URL + - User Comments
click here

Pretty handy for pasting page titles / URLs.

  Skills 14:06 06 Sep 2005

Thank you all installed :)

  GroupFC 16:01 06 Sep 2005

for future reference!

  wobbly76 16:23 06 Sep 2005

If I could just add my little bit, I do a similar thing using ScreenHunter, sometimes a small pic. or a url, then at the end of the day I can sort out all the little files on the desktop.


  Pesala 17:09 06 Sep 2005

Select a key portion of text, right-click, and select "Add to Note." Double-click the note later to return to the page.

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