Tiny windows...

  madzad 21:18 08 Dec 2003

I have just bought a new computer using XP home, the thing is the text and window sizes cannot be expanded when surfing. For example, when signing into hotmail. I have to squint to see what Im signing in with!

I dont have this when working off line, there is an easy way to sort this out but Im stumped if I can remember how I sorted this out last time. Id really appreciate any help anyone can offer. My knowledge of PCs and OS's is reasonable.


  VoG II 21:22 08 Dec 2003

You say they can't be expanded ... What happens if you drag the edges to make the window fill the screen? If you can do this then File/Close and the next time the window should open full-screen.

I am assuming that we are talking about Internet Explorer...

  madzad 21:55 09 Dec 2003

Hi Vog

Yeah its in internet explorer slaps wrist for forgeting to mention it before).. but there is no way I can get to expand the window as much as I have tried on most sites and the ones I can it stil displays small fonts.


Steve UK

  VoG II 21:57 09 Dec 2003

You can change the font size using View/Text size or if you have a wheel mouse hold down CTRL and rotate the wheel.

  madzad 10:39 10 Dec 2003

Hi Vog
Im afraid to say that was the first thing I did... I had an idea to got to the manufacturing website for the new monitor and ask for a driver as when the new PC and monitor came togther there was no drivers for the monitor.

Its a long shot, thanks for trying tho..


Steve UK

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