Rickyv 14:34 18 Apr 2004

Is it true that the quality of the 'TINY' computers is now a lot better than it used to be, or do you think that a 'MESH' is preferable.

  johnnyrocker 14:36 18 Apr 2004

personally i wouldn't choose either of them.


  Rickyv 14:37 18 Apr 2004

why wouldnt you buy either of them, what would you buy then?

  bremner 14:43 18 Apr 2004

Time have just relaunched Tiny as I understand it as a no frills internet only trader.

Mesh are one of the top PC seling companies with many thousands of very satisfied customers and a very small number who have had a less than happy experience.

On quality I would always go for Mesh but I have seen some very high spec, reasonable price machines on offer from Tiny.

I would also look at Evesham if you want another well respected company and Medion machines at PCW and Aldi offer very good VFM.

  rickimalone 15:35 18 Apr 2004

Mesh all day long:




And the trend folows through out the machines with almost every component of a Mesh PC being higher quality than its Time oppersite.

Mesh Matrix643000+ FX £999 Inc VAT got it last month.....

  silliw 15:45 18 Apr 2004

Have now bought 5 mesh machines ( no not all of them for me) and have had no problems at all with them, The build quality is good and they regularily feature in the PCA recommended buys.

  Belatucadrus 16:32 18 Apr 2004

According to PCPro, all Tiny PCs come with a software modem preloaded with the Supanet ISP and this has to be removed (Supanet, not the modem) before you can use your own ISP . The removal or "Deoptimisation" procedure shown in the June 2004 issue looks a bind to say the least. Couple this with the Tiny low to nill support package and I would think very hard indeed about all the other options before paying for one of their machines.

click here

  acfc 16:46 18 Apr 2004

I have to agree with Belatucadrus. Tiny, like parent company Time, don't even include a recovery CD to allow you reformat your hard drive unless you pay them £60 so their advertised price is not a fair comparison to most other suppliers!

I have recommended Mesh to 6 family and friends who have all been delighted with their purchases ~ including the one who had to return the unit for repair after 18 months and got it back repaired in a week.

  Charence 17:01 18 Apr 2004

MESH definately!!! I would definately NOT choose Tiny. Mesh isn't that good either, but I'd choose it over Tiny. The make of the computer isn't really important because they all use the same parts inside. The only thing which matters is Computer Specification and Customer Service which Tiny has not got.



  rickimalone 17:10 18 Apr 2004

I dont think I can agree with you post......
How you can say make of computer doesnt matter as components inside are the same is so wrong.

Tiny say 1024MB DDR RAM!!! but they dont tell you its bo standard PC2700 RAM that can not compare with Mesh providing PC3200 RAM in its high spec machines.

Mesh motherboards are better than Tiny and we all know how mother boards can improve performance.

Mesh use ViewSonic TFT'S compared to un-branded Tiny's

In fact as in the case of Tiny the specification can be misleading as it does'nt really let you know enough about the quality of components such as its "in house" slow RAM and poor hardrives... Power dvd the list is endless however you would not know that on specification alone...

With Mesh you get a 3yr Back to base in the price with 1st year on-site and a recovery cd....
The tech support is great with an active presence on this forum.......

Go with Mesh

  rawprawn 18:59 18 Apr 2004

As a matter of interest, why not look at Dell. In my opinion solid reliable and not bad on price. I am still very pleased with mine after 2 1/2 years, & customer service has been good. Although I think this thread should be in consumer issues.

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