veeveecee 16:33 15 Jan 2010

I've 'acquired' a TINY S31 which won't boot up.

It appears to start up, lights appear on the front (h/disc lights for ~20-30 seconds), the fans run and all 'looks' ok, BUT nothing appears on the monitor.

The monitor works as I've had it for ages working with another machine. I've also substituted the RAM modules. The h/drive is ok as I've plumbed it into another machine and managed to save some files to an USB pen.

SO it looks like either the graphics card, motherboard or CPU... Could of course also be the power supply...

Incidentally there is no beep on start-up which is something I'm always used to but maybe this model does not bleep?

Anyone with any ideas? Normally I wouldn't bother as this must be ~4-5 years old - and a TINY - but it's specs appear ok and it's nice and clean - seems a pity to junk it.

Thanks for any help.

  mgmcc 16:44 15 Jan 2010

It is possible that the CMOS battery on the motherboard needs to be replaced - most commonly a CR2032 Lithium cell.

  GaT7 16:50 15 Jan 2010

Try resetting the BIOS click here by removing the CMOS battery & replacing it. Do this with the PC switched off & unplugged from the mains. You can also try replacing the CMOS with a known working one - from your main system perhaps.

In order to hear beeps, check that the case's speaker is connected to the speaker header on the motherboard. This won't guarantee you'll hear beeps, but will eliminate another reason for the lack of them.

Do you have a spare working PSU, graphics card or CPU to check with?

Other troubleshooting tips include, connecting nothing to the motherboard, then connecting/installing one component at a time - booting each time to see if it makes a difference. Getting the beeps to be audible again will greatly help in diagnostics here. G

  woodchip 18:11 15 Jan 2010

It will only beep if its got a speaker or buzzer connected to the Motherboard

  veeveecee 19:25 15 Jan 2010

Thanks for your input.

I knew there was something else I omitted to mention in my original posting - I had previously cleared the cmos using the small jumper and checked the cmos battery which is ok.

I downloaded a manual for the motherboard but this appears not to correspond with the motherboard fitted in the TINY ( P4M-800M/T2 ). The downloaded Manual from the ECS website is for a P4M800-M (V1.0A).

I've removed the TINY's front panel but can't find a speaker anywhere, nor can I find anywhere to connect one on the motherboard.

crossbow7 - I don't understand what you mean by:-

"You can also try replacing the CMOS with a known working one - from your main system"

I removed the graphics card thinking I could exchange it with one from my DELL but the pin-out is different.

I can try running the TINY from another PSU, which I'll hopefully do tomorrow.

If that's ok it presumably leaves me with a possible duff cpu/motherboard or graphics card?

Thanks for your help.

  GaT7 19:41 15 Jan 2010

Sorry, I missed the word 'battery' after CMOS. This is just to test with temporarily.

The motherboard's speaker header will be a series of 4 pins about 2mm apart located near where the case's Power, Reset & HDD cables are plugged into - pics click here & click here. At times the location is elsewhere, & sometimes the motherboard itself will have an onboard speaker, which looks like click here (the black cylindrical object). If only you had the correct manual! G

  GaT7 19:43 15 Jan 2010

If it has an onboard speaker, it will need to be enabled via a jumper on the motherboard, or in the BIOS. G

  Quiller. 20:26 15 Jan 2010
  GaT7 20:39 15 Jan 2010

Thanks for that Dick.

veeveecee, I found the speaker header mentioned on pages 12 & 13 in the 800MT2-2 part of the manual. Now you'll need to check if it's connected to anything. G

  woodchip 22:12 15 Jan 2010

Front on Tower desktop etc should just pull off, you will then see if there is a speaker. it presses back on after

  woodchip 22:17 15 Jan 2010

Only two wires connect Speaker or buzzer, no idea why they put four pins on for it. these should be bottom right corner after removing left side panel from pc

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