Tiny laptop P.C TV aerial adaptor

  doug h 17:23 05 Sep 2005

I recently lost the aerial adaptor that came with my Tiny laptop P.C. every where I have looked to obtain a replacement nobody has been able to help
also as I don't no what to ask for it is a bit difficult to find one has anyone got any Ideas

  Totally-braindead 17:29 05 Sep 2005

I can't help as I haven't any idea what it looks like but would suggest the place to look for a replacement would be Maplins website hopefully you would recognise it if you saw it, click here

  doug h 18:11 05 Sep 2005

Thanks totally-braindead but I have already tried Maplins and RS with no luck yet

  varidian 18:19 05 Sep 2005

what is the model i used to work for time tiny a while back have a few freinds that where senior techies

  Stuartli 18:38 05 Sep 2005

Maplins has a vast range of web pages on this subject. Is it something on these lines?

click here

  doug h 18:56 07 Sep 2005

Varidian thanks for your intrest the tiny laptop was a Tiny powerlite G930 hope you can help me out

cheers Doug h

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