Tiny Laptop, no parts provided?

  User-87C812D6-0489-484F-A34F1EA4EACCAEF6 14:06 25 Jul 2003

I bought a Laptop from Tiny Direct online a while ago, with no extended warranty. On the 13th month, my Tiny Laptop ceased to operate [December 2002]! This was caused by cooling fan fault within the laptop.

I contacted the Tiny Technical support who sent me a faulty fanplate which was everything around the fan, but NOT the cooling fan!!!

I continually contacted Tiny about the wrong part and about the Cooling Fan which I required. I have been contacting Tiny regularly since the problems started and 7 months later, I still do not have a replacement cooling fan.

One of the staff replied saying that the manager said that "Laptop parts are not supplied to customers". Regarding this reply, I was confused because why did they supply me with the faulty fanplate before however refuse to send me the correct parts now?

In this event, we've spent:
a) 7 months without a computer to use
b) Around £100 of telephone bills to Tiny

Is this fair trade? Can anybody help solve this?

Thanks, Kin Wong

  IanNiblock 14:25 25 Jul 2003

I have recently replaced my Tiny laptop - the fan also failed on mine after about 13 months!! After this half of the keys on the keyboard stopped working and dead pixels began appearing on the screen.

I got sick of waiting on hold on the premium rate number so 'bit the bullet' and purchased a new one.

You may however get a quicker response by using this forum, as a Time representative is present and does appear to be very helpful.

  madPentium 15:03 25 Jul 2003

Im sure the fan cannot be unique to tiny computers. If you can remove the fan, why not take it into a maplins store and ask them to supply you with something equivalent? hopefully with better bearings. There's no point in replacing a cheap part with a cheap part, it will not last long, this is your chance to 'improve' the machine.

I think they program the computers to go faulty delibrately because this cannot be coincidence can it "IanNiblock"?

I also bought another computer. A DELL desktop PC. However, I use the Laptop to do most of my work and many files are still saved there. I think that Tiny/Time's service is extremely dissapointing and spending so much money on a computer that is going to last one year is very wasteful.

Thanks for the advice! I'll try to speak to the Time representative.

"madPentium" I went to Maplin with the cooling fan. However, they weren't very helpful. They said they don't stock laptop parts.

Cheers, Kin Wong

  Arnie 17:32 25 Jul 2003

Click on the Maplin website. click here
Look for the search box in the right hand corner of the web page and enter "cooling fans". See if any of the dimensions resemble that of the laptop fan.
Remember though the voltage will also have to match.
Also remember, a new fan will not remedy any damage already caused to your laptop.

Before any of the preceeding, get a can of freezer spray sold by Maplin and spray it about 20cm from the area the fan was protecting. Boot up the laptop and see if it works. Keep regularly spraying through the experiment.

This method is a bit rough and ready but is regularly used in the electronics industry, to check for faulty overheated components.

Good luck.


  Forum Editor 18:37 25 Jul 2003

you've started on the same subject. Please stick to the thread in Consumerwatch - it's the right place to resolve this issue.

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