tiny given me wrong specs

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 20:52 07 Jan 2005

i have recently seen a post about someone having a wrong graphics card in there dell computer and they want to take to court about it.well i had a 'spec' that was:512mb ram,80GBhdd,athlon2600+.but they had given:384mbram,72gbhdd,athlon2000+.we have had for around 2 years now,is it right they can give me a worse spec?.cheers.ben

  TomJerry 21:01 07 Jan 2005

(1)RAM 384, maybe on-board graphics card used up 128MB

(2) HDD: 72GB no such capacity HDD ever produced 80gb/1.024/1.024/1.024=74.5GB, different way to quoting GB and gb, the rest of 2GB maybe in a hidden partition for storing recovery files

(3) CPU 2600+ or 2000+, you (they) may set wrong bus speed, FSB =133MHz for 2600, if set at 100Mhz, it will behave like a 2000+

By the way, how did you found those info.

Get a PC guru to check it or you if you decide to take any action, however it may be too late.

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 22:09 07 Jan 2005

RAM on startup,CPU (right click my computer,properties.harddisk right click the HDD,properties.

  TomJerry 22:19 07 Jan 2005

click here

do my observations above make any sense to you.

you better check front size bus frequency for the motherboard (get into bios for it). If FSB is set wrongly, you waste your cpu's capability

  TBH1 22:25 07 Jan 2005

BIG Ben strikes 10 again! - think your on a loser here, mate - whether they have stitched you up or not. The Tiny you bought from went bust, or something - -think the Tiny doing the rounds now are a different company - supposedly. If I was cynacal I would say it was a scam on their part to get out of all their obligations with the bad kit they were knockin out - - but I ain't, so I won't.

Probably get banned now - - I'll get me coat.

  waamo 22:30 07 Jan 2005

The "old" Tiny was bought by Time in 2002 following Tiny going bust. As far as I am aware they had no connection prior to that.

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 22:53 07 Jan 2005

yes its perfect sense,in my computer i put together myself,i bought an AMD athlon which i payed about £80 for,i didn't know what FSB speed to have so i clocked it at 100mhz and booted XP,XP told me i had a amd athlon (plain athlon no numbers?).i notched it up to 133mhz and nothing more to be safe.i have no clue what CPU it is,but i think im loosing a bit of speed?.anyHO the tiny pc doesn't work (XP is at fault ie the rubbish that gets installed).so i cannot use the software,the computer was actully bought from err asda.lol.still we payed £700 for it.but it has been almost 2 years i can't really return it now.lol.will this everest tell me the correct speed?.thanks V much.ben

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