The Tiny Debate

  QuickHare 22:36 06 Apr 2005

I know this topic may have been done to death, but please no replies of "NO!" or simple derogatory terms. Also, any moderators may pull this thread if it's been repeated too many times.

I'm wondering how people are faring with Tiny (including The Computer World or other Tiny shops). I'm thinking of getting a laptop, and would like to know if their reputation has improved. I'm an advanced computer user, so aftersales care isn't so important for me.

Any views?

  Taff36 22:53 06 Apr 2005

Shouldn`t you be in the Consumer Watch Forum? If you`ve any doubts about Tiny I suggest you look somewhere else, like in the national press. Laptops are nearly "as cheap as chips". ~(:)) lol!

Can`t quite get used to these emoticons though!

  QuickHare 22:58 06 Apr 2005

Good point, but I was aiming more for features for money. Do they cut back on things to produce a cheap laptop?

I don't have doubts in the laptops, more the sales and reliability.

  SANTOS7 23:04 06 Apr 2005

Q. Why did TINY re-launch itself as TINY.COM ™?
A. Our research had shown a gap in the market for a PC Supplier focused on lowest prices. Our understanding of the consumer market (gained over 20 years), our manufacturing facilities and our low overheads & huge buying power means that we are in a better position to do this than anyone else.

Q. Why are customers buying from TINY.COM ™?
A. Knowledgeable customers see that TINY.COM ™ are offering the same products as other suppliers at much lower prices. The components used in our PCs are the same as those used in much more expensive PCs.

Q. How can you have the lowest PC prices and still be profitable?
A. Tiny has lower costs in terms of overheads and marketing. These costs account for over 80% of gross margin. By virtually halving these costs, when compared with other large suppliers that have huge overheads and spend heavily on advertising, TINY.COM ? can be significantly cheaper. We pass these cost savings directly onto the customer

  SANTOS7 23:09 06 Apr 2005

click here
some interesting views here, may be an eye opener,hope it helps...

  User-312386 23:17 06 Apr 2005

To be honest i would never ever buy a PC from TINY again.

My first ever PC was from them, although this was some 4-5 years ago. Technical support was not very technical and at a £1 per minute very expensive.

Monitor Blew up, CD-ROM failed, as i recall HDD started to fail prior to me gutting the machine away and vowing never ever to buy from them again.

  QuickHare 23:26 06 Apr 2005

I've read up reviews, and it seems attitudes are no different. They seem to be based on recent bad experience as well as presumptious ideas from what others say.

It looks as though I'll be staying away from, but feel free to look into things yourself. By the time you read this, dear surfer, may have improved.

Thanks to everyone's help.

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