Tiny Computer Fuse

  hubdean 15:58 11 Feb 2005

can anyone tell me if there is a fuse in a tiny computer that will blow if you get a short
and if so where is it

  Confab 16:11 11 Feb 2005

There is one in the power supply socket and at least one in the power supply itself. Don't try to change the power supply fuse unless you know exactly what you are doing. It's not a standard size and it involves taking the power supply apart.

Either take it to a qualified electrician or buy a new power supply.

  Stuartli 16:14 11 Feb 2005

Have you checked the mains plug fuse first?

Motherboards can/do have small fuses but you'll will probably need to either know the model number or check it out in the manual to find out their location/specifications; they may be hard to get hold of as well.

  hubdean 16:16 11 Feb 2005

Thank you working now

  Salinger 16:23 11 Feb 2005


  hubdean 17:10 11 Feb 2005

Dont know i just went off and would not come on
looked at plug fuse ok eveything looked ok
must be fuse in computer
asked on here then tryed computer again and came on
you tell me how

  easyrider 18:51 11 Feb 2005

I had similar problem with a Tiny computer every so often it would start doing exactly what you described and eventually would not turn on at all. It turned out to be the power on switch at the front was being pushed out of its retaining claws easy fix with power off, take side panel off then push power switch out till it clicks into place, not a lot of force required.

  octal 19:11 11 Feb 2005

Try replacing the mains lead. The IEC plug (the opposite end from the 13 amp plug) is notorious for going faulty, we've had several at work with a connection problem.

  hubdean 19:26 11 Feb 2005

thanks foe all your help

  Stuartli 13:15 12 Feb 2005

Just a Tiny problem then...:-)

I had a similar puzzling problem with a friend's system whose floppy drive wouldn't work properly.

It turned out that the front cover of the case, which could be swung round on a side hinge to get at the drives, was stopping the floppy's eject button from coming out fully.

This is turn meant that the disk itself could not be accepted by the drive; a realignment of the drive itself in the case allowed the button to come out fully into position.

But it took a little while to work out as the disk would be accepted but could not be read...:-(

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