Tiny black bugs on laptop screen

  james300 23:29 26 Jun 2016

The size of a pixel. Used to see one a day maybe, if working on my laptop all day, but now it's hotter, there are a few more. What are they, and how do I get rid? Thanks.

  wee eddie 01:19 27 Jun 2016

Thunder flies

  james300 11:04 27 Jun 2016

This really is a terrible forum. Every time you post you get some clueless idiot responding. No, not thunder flies, they're not even remotely like those.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:28 27 Jun 2016

stuck pixels have a read here click here

  lotvic 11:56 27 Jun 2016

Can you post a picture of the black bug(s) please, as I am a clueless idiot and therefore not as psychic as you seem to expect us to be.

sigh.. detail, detail, detail - you just can't get the quality of Thread Starters these days that you used to in the past

  martd7 12:24 27 Jun 2016

Seems it can happen

click here

  james300 13:24 27 Jun 2016

Thanks, Fruit Bat, but stuck pixels don't move. I can't post a pic, as I can't really be bothered. They're the size of pixels, I doubt there's much more that needs adding.

I get annoyed, Lotvic, as I've posted on here before, and unhelpful answers are, well, unhelpful. Thunder Flies is a lot worse a problem than this probably is, so why randomly blurt that out?

  wee eddie 13:32 27 Jun 2016

James, I'd love to take umbrage, but considering your description of the problem, I think that my response was justified.

Csn I add Cat Fleas to the list of potential critters?

  alanrwood 14:07 27 Jun 2016

The aggressive and confrontational responses by james300 would lead me to ignore his question. We are not here to take abuse from other members.

  Sapins 15:16 27 Jun 2016

Every time you post you get some clueless idiot responding.

That's probably because the poster is a clueless idiot!

  Govan1x 15:37 27 Jun 2016

Have to agree with wee eddie. (Tiny black bugs on laptop screen) Maybe call yourself a clueless idiot while you are at it.

Terrible remark to someone trying their best to help.

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