Timetable, but not in Outlook

  Micken 06:10 20 Sep 2003

Can anyone advise on any software that would be good for setting up a personal academic timetable? I wondered about Outlook but it seems unweildy and I have not yet worked out/discovered how to put separate bits of information into recurring events like lessons week after week.

Thanks in anticipation.

  Micken 08:08 20 Sep 2003

Any ideas yet?


  Micken 09:38 20 Sep 2003



  Belatucadrus 11:32 20 Sep 2003

PIM/Organisers :- Easynoter lite click here , 2sync click here , Info Angel click here ,

  lindyloo4 11:41 20 Sep 2003

This is how to do it in Outlook

Open the calendar

Click on the date of the first 'appointment'

Right click and select New recurring appointment

Set times and recurrance pattern

Click OK

Click save and close

You can set as many 'appointments' as you like in any one day. It will tell you if you have overlapped any too.

Hope this helps.


  Micken 10:24 21 Sep 2003

Thanks for your response. I have been able to do what you suggest but how do I put individual information into individual lessons on a week by week basis?

If you can help with this I would really appreciate it since that would solve my problem.

Thanks in anticipation.


  Micken 10:26 21 Sep 2003

Thanks for those suggestions. I will investigate and let you know the outcome.


  lindyloo4 18:24 21 Sep 2003

Sorry for delay - ironing day !!

After you have set up the recurrances eg every monday 9am to 11am and clicked ok then the next box (where you save and close) has a subject line.
Type what your lesson in eg History. Then save and close.

Every Monday will then show History 9am to 11am.

To add to additional info on an individual basis to each History lesson - click on the required date and select Open - you will then have a choice to open the whole 'series' or that particular occurrence.

Select open this occurrence - The you will be able to add more info on the subject line next to History.

Do hope this is what you wanted.


  Micken 19:47 21 Sep 2003

Just the info I needed, many thanks, now my life will be organised. Sorry to hear about the ironing. What about steam generator irons? Sounds like a good old fashioned idea that works. Would these make your life easier? Less time ironing, more time for play!

Many thanks for your help.


  Micken 19:50 21 Sep 2003

Checked out all those items. Easynoter lite would do but I think I have a solution on Outlook, thanks to lindyloo.

Thanks for the suggestions.

Problem resolved, hopefully!


  Micken 19:50 21 Sep 2003

Happy now. :-)

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