Time/date resetting

  algernonymous 13:49 02 Oct 2006

The date and time on this PC keep resetting to 00:00 01-01-01 almost every time it is shutdown. I've checked the cmos battery and it's fine (3v) so what else might it be?

  Gongoozler 14:03 02 Oct 2006

Try starting you computer in Safe Mode and shutting it down a few times. If the clock doesn't reset itself then it looks like a program that loads at start-up is causing the problem.

It is also worth pointing out that a voltmeter test on an unloaded battery isn't conclusive. With effectively zero current drain even an exhausted battery can read almost full volts. A new battery is quite cheap and is probably available at your local supermarket.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:39 02 Oct 2006

Agree change Cmos battery

  algernonymous 20:05 23 Apr 2007

Well, I saved up my pennies, walked to the store, purchased a new battery, fitted it a few days ago and all was fine until today, when I switched it on and the bloomin' clock had gone back again...???

  Gongoozler 21:17 24 Apr 2007

There is the possibility that the new battery is faulty, but it is also quite possible that the motherboard has a fault. Maybe you need to save a lot more pennies :-(

  anniesboy 08:20 25 Apr 2007

Have you put the battery in with polarity correct,I ask because in my machine in the info in the manual was wrong.
There may be + marking where the battery goes

  algernonymous 14:31 25 Apr 2007

Ok, thanks, will check polarity.
Just another point, it now just seems to be erratic- last night it had gone forward approx. 8hours(early hours of 25th), at lunchtime today it read 06.21am this morning???

  phono 14:51 25 Apr 2007

Could be a faulty crystal or even CMOS chip.

Also check for any short between the motherboard battery holder and case, I seem to remember a similar scenario to yours some time ago which was caused by such a short as settings were retained when the motherboard was powered up out of the case.

From memory the solution was a layer of insulation or insulated washers placed between the mobo and case fixing points.

  phono 15:13 25 Apr 2007

I managed to locate the thread I mentioned in my last post about the short at click here

If you check near the bottom you will see that in that particular case there was a short between the CMOS battery +ve terminal and the case, obviously any check you make would have to be done with all power removed.

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