"timed out" while posting ?

  p;3 11:01 09 Nov 2005

I had spent about 15 minutes composing an update on one of my threads;I was logged in at the time. when I came to press "post reply" I was taken to an unlogged in page; rather stupidly, I had not saved to a word document that which I had spent time composing , so all that hard work was lost and has to be repeated; is it a feature of this board that we are timed out if we stay too long composing? and if so what is the timed out length?

  Taff™ 11:07 09 Nov 2005

There was a little gremlin about 15 Minutes ago - I couldn`t reply to two threads.

  LastChip 11:09 09 Nov 2005

Apparently, the PCA development team were playing with the site this morning and probably caused your problem.

I doubt it's on-going.

  p;3 11:14 09 Nov 2005

I"m not taking any more chances with this; I am composing my long update OFF forum ; I really should have saved it to a document before I clicked reply, ;gremlins; I"ll give "em gremlins:))and Sods Law that it would happen on a topic I have been having terrrible problems with..! and will THIS post?

  Chegs ® 11:18 09 Nov 2005

Its nowt to do with time taken either,I only typed "traceroute (IP) ?" and hit post response to get an error,so I tried another browser(IE)and that worked fine.My main browser(Avant)repeatedly errored,so switched to Firefox.Had no more problems with either of these,just Avant,which is now also working fine.

  knockin on 11:19 09 Nov 2005

Time 1120 I just posted - no problem

  p;3 11:23 09 Nov 2005

thanks folks; I"m now composing OFF forum my lengthly informative update; then I have it here if the thing plays up again; I really now regret NOT saving my reply to a document too, all that "work" lost:(( my mail system is really "having its day" with me:((

  Forum Editor 17:18 09 Nov 2005

to some of the site components today, and this caused a problem for some people - making it necessary for them to login again.

We couldn't have foreseen the problem, and I'm sorry if anyone was inconvenienced - all is well now, and there's a more detailed explanation in Speakers Corner if you're interested.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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