Timed Out Messages

  Young Ranger 18:20 08 Nov 2007

I have been happily running Firefox on my Vista Home Premium machine for a few months but recently I have started to get an excessive amount of Timed Out Messages. So much so that I have to resort to re-booting which makes it OK for an hour or so.

System Restore hasn't helped and the modem seems OK with two steady lights. I disconnected/re-connected the phone line without result and I tried the Diagnostics which told me that a ping to my ISP had not been returned.

Any ideas please.

  brundle 18:22 08 Nov 2007

Try disabling TCP auto-tuning;

- Click start
- Type: cmd
- Right-click cmd.exe when it appears under Applications
- Click Run As Administrator
- Type the following: netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled
- Press enter
- Restart your computer

  Young Ranger 23:35 09 Nov 2007

I did that last night but it doesn't seem to have made any difference. After each re-boot everything is fine but within an hour or so the same thing happens.

  Zion_Lion 02:43 10 Nov 2007

Hi mate... you could try using the trace route utility that will tell you the time in milliseconds of each hop between each switch/router to the destination IP address.
So when your timing out, go to the command prompt and type ipconfig /all (dont forget the space before the /) and press enter and take note of your ISP's DNS server IP address (it will be the first DNS reference in the list created) Now still in cmd type tracert x.x.x.x (x being IP address you noted earlier) and press enter.
Now you can watch the hops that your packets make getting to your ISP and take note of the time, now obviously the more hops the packets make the longer each time in m/s will be, but any time that looks too long may be a problem switch or router but at least you could inform your ISP the IP address that’s causing a problem.
Although I notice that you did not state whether or not you've checked your pc for spyware or carried out a virus scan, as they can cause unwanted effects on your internet connection and your pc.

Regards ZL

  Young Ranger 03:14 10 Nov 2007

Thanks for that ZL, I'll give it a go.

I have been using AVG now for a few years. Recent scans haven't picked up anything. I also use Pop-stopper SpywareBlaster.

  Young Ranger 03:15 10 Nov 2007

Edit: That would be PopupStopper and SpywareBlaster.

  Young Ranger 22:34 04 Jan 2008

I have eventually sussed out the cause of the problem - it is Vista! It seems that my new PC which came with Vista pre-installed isn't up to running the full monty. I found that DWM.EXE in Processes was using a lot of resources which soon clogged up the system.

I changed to "Classic view" and I have not had the problems since. The system works much better but it rather defeats the object of buying a new PC and operating system.

I'm thinking of installing XP unless there are any other alternatives?

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